every heartbeat for your glory


Drafted what I wanted to write for the past two days but did not post them due to several obscure reasons. Too many things on my mind that matter so much to me that causes me to lose sight of the much more important things.  Or maybe actually, they don’t. Ah you know what i mean. Brain cells lack coordination.

Was at church today for another talk. Gideon was studied. Oh how I missed Gideon. Helped me got over one the huge-est obstacles in my life. I was reminded again of God’s faithfulness and blessings that He has shown me for the past two years. I am counting on Abraham and Job now. Flipped through the youth song book and those familiar lyrics caught my attention, ‘Alabaster Jar’. Started humming the melody and a lot of memories were suddenly forced into my mind. Not that they were bad.

Ah, this is the best I can do tonight. Enjoy the song. I mean, go youtube and search for it la =P

This alabaster jar
Is all i have of worth
I break it at your feet, lord
It’s less than you deserve
You’re far more beautiful
More precious than the oil
The sum of my desires
And the fullness of my joy!

Like you spilled your blood,
I spill my heart as an offering
To my king
Here i am, take me
As an offering
Here i am, giving every heartbeat
For your glory take me
The time that i have left
Is all i have of worth
I lay it at your feet, lord
It’s less than you deserve
And though i’ve little strength
And though my days are few,
You gave your life for me
So, i will live my life for you

Its a good day and definitely a good night =)

6 Responses to “every heartbeat for your glory”

  1. There seems to be a big maturity growth in your writing lately.. keep it up! glad you are doing well.. you are a strong girl! I’m so proud of you! Nothing in this world matters as much as what God matters to you.

  2. Thanks che but its nothing, really =)
    Thank you also for always being there for me, doing everything a sister can do! =)

  3. Hi gal, your che is right – there seems to be a great leap of maturity in your writing from the day I started reading your blog. Your sharing of the song “Alabaster Jar” reminds me of this portion of a passage I read some time ago:

    Ah, Mary, why didst thou break the alabaster box and pour the precious oilment upon Christ? That prodigality was just the Savior’s Spirit that brought Him to the Cross and to the grave. Love gives and lavishes and dies, for it is love. Love never asks how little can I do; it always asks how much. There is magnificent extravangance in love, whether the love of Mary or the love of God.

    May the love of Christ encourage our hearts once more!

  4. thanks bee =)
    This season of my life has been crazy and God has really gotten my attention in a very………way but i am not complaining =)

    Thanks for the excerpt and have you listened to that song on youtube? Try searching for Gateway Worship-Alabaster Jar. I felt that lady singer really brings out the fullness of that song =)

  5. Yes I have listened to the song but it was by Christ for the Nation. Like that song a lot so I kept it playing for like an hour… 🙂 will check out Gateway worship too!

  6. Christ for Nation version is clearer apparently. Try Gateway worship =)Very different way of playing and singing. I had to listen to this song every night now before i sleep =)

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