Good news people!I think I kind of got my inspiration back. Things have been dormant recently and I haven’t actually got any of my projects done. My materials were all left untouched. No inspiration. Mental block they said. I don’t know. Just couldn’t bring myself to do something ‘creative’at this point. . . . until tonight. . .tah-da!

tah-da! I did a page on myself first

tah-da! I did a page on myself first

Scrapbooking was one hobby I picked up recently. I was introduced to scrapbooking by someone initially when he bought me one whole bag of scrapbooking stuff but I had no idea how and where to start until I went to Australia. There, I met a friend of my sis’ who was really good at scrapbooking and she showed me her collection. Impressive and then on I was hooked!

As I looked around the art and craft stores like Spotlight and Dymock, I was captivated by the extensive range of art materials, equipments and their huge range of papers and embellishments. Haha, In any case, the best part was actually scouting and shopping for the materials than actually sitting down and making them. Btw, Scrapbooking is the making of a scrapbook. A scrapbook is an organized collection of clippings, notes, pictures and other things that has little relevance or no relevance at all =).

This thing I like doing, It has no rules, no boundaries and no borders. You are free to go wherever you want to go. Doesn’t matter where you turn out because anyhow it’ll be pretty and the details that you put in makes the world of difference. Sound very much like the life we yearn for? Why a page on myself? A friend of mine once told me to start loving myself before i love others. how profound =), A cool reminder to myself and all the girls out there =)

Funny how I suddenly feel like doing a lot of things when it’s time for me to leave for KL. . . darn. . .

15 Responses to “Me!”

  1. Oh wow! well done! That piece of art on yourself looks very impressive! Will you bring it to KL to show us?

  2. haha its nothing really.
    will show you when i get back =)

  3. You can get more material from alvin too. =)
    He has great stuff – even I-Mei gets her goods from him.

  4. when will my picture appear =P

  5. dammnit…WORM didn’t logout his account and above was what i type…hahahaha…

    so yea…when will my pic appear in the sracpbook??

  6. haha you guys were together izzit?
    helo cc and alston and yes our picture will be my next project!
    wait and see!

  7. This is the real CC. I want to see that book! Haha

  8. Your scrapbook! What else! Haha!
    Oh yeah, just updated my post.. Been long since I did so.
    Back in KL?

  9. the scrapbook jiunn lee .. the scrapbook .. =P

  10. OI! looking forward to the next project!!

  11. cc: yeah mann your last post was still about the things to do in exams you know you’re going to fail. Anyway, saw your new blog theme! well done=) . . and no, i am only returning to KL this sat and yes i will show you guys the album once its ready. At the moment i only had separate pieces. Need to compile them into an album.

    tze: yes i know. the scrapbook tze. . . .the scrapbook! =P
    (how blurr can i get=S)

    daryl: haha good give me more pressure. I work very well under pressure. but that picture of us ar, came out abit blurr and cc not in it! =(

  12. Haha.. Photoshop it. I can give you my best picture! 😉

  13. u can make a scrap book abt us and giv it to us…tat will be nice..ahah

  14. a scrapbook on us ar?
    thats a good idea weii =)
    But needs time la. . .
    Let me see what i can do =)

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