Suprisingly a good start =)

Not too bad I guesss. . .

Sigh, KL. . . Wasn’t too bad. At first I thought I would kill myself with all the unwholesome thoughts but as each passing minutes goes by quite quickly, I realized things are not that bad afterall =). I’ve equipped myself with lots of prayers, going to get reeeaaally involved in my dance ministry and also friends are ready for me to bug them =P. Studies will eventually take priority over but nevertheless I felt I will do be better this semester as long as I keep myself focused. I’ll try to sleep early these few days. No more late nights as I will save all these for completing my assignments next time.

Do I miss home?Gosh, of course I do!! but knowing that I am going back (so soon??) this weekend does help curb that miserable feelings abit . yay!Can’t wait to go home with you evie=)

p/s: Girl, I reaaaaly love the cardigan =)

p/ss: Movies tonight?Slumdog is so good i heard. .  .

p/sss: and hey, its makes alot of difference knowing that this comes all the way from switzerland =P. THank you=) 


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