My first week of uni ended on a good note. School has been great. No homework or tutorial so far. I am waiting for my cousin, Angeline and Garwonn to pick me up from pyramid so that we can go back to sitiawan together!! Then I thought I could maybe update my blog abit while waiting in Starbucks.  Haha, not that my blog is inactive or anything. The last thing she needs is an update! Should blog less, may have disclosed too much about myself. Haha! So as you probably may hear from my tone. I am actually still in a state of euphoria after last night. Second semester doesn’t seem too bad at all. Perspective makes all the difference in the world.

Study hard, play harder! =P

Joanna and Jiunnli

Joanna and Jiunnli


4 Responses to “♪♪♫♪♫”

  1. alstonnga Says:

    you are back??i am as well…lolx…btw..ahem ahem..the pic..ahem ahem…you understand??

  2. haha yes i am back=)
    badminton this afternoon ok?
    You picking me up and yes i understand =P

  3. nice picture of you two there

  4. thanks jess =)

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