When you had to marry a prostitute. . .

When you had to marry a prostitute. . .

Hosea was a prophet, commanded by God to marry a prostitute. This marriage depicts God’s relationship with Israel.  Israel openly commits adultery against God by worshiping other Gods. Hosea was to manifest God’s patience a love through his marriage to Gomer and to simply describe Israel’s adultery and sinfulness. Very much like us, we have the tendency to pursue our own desires in life.  Maybe we don’t turn to a golden calf but we do have other idols in our lives that could jeopardize our relationship with our God.

Gomer is our object lesson. Gomer was a picture of Israel.

We need to see if we were ever not satisfied like her. I love verse 6 in chapter 2 that says, “…she will pursue her lovers but not overtake them.” Obviously, God gets our attention by causing our own scheme to fail just so that he would lead us back to Him. We determine our own happiness and what we think we should have and we end up defining our own God. A custom-made God that is within our incompetent human minds.

Heartbreaking but I guess I am learning too and in the end, when God brings forth restoration, we can be secure in God’s love for us as he entices us with what we deeply and truly want. So stop depending on our own resources, our desires but look to God for fulfillment.

Hosea 10:12

Plant the seed of righteousness and you will harvest a crop of my love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the Lord, that he may come and shower righteousness upon you.

The solution is by simply recognizing and admitting that you have a problem and that you are nothing without God. So stop demanding for things because we definitely do not deserve it but because we serve an awesome God. we will be sure once we repent and surrender, He will welcome us home with arms wide open and He’ll take care of us better than we can ourserlves.

I will bring them home again, says the Lord.

Love it.

Once again, to a place close to His heart.


On a lighter note,

I bought a new umbrella. It is white in colour and easy to carry around since it is slightly smaller than the usual ones.  Wasn’t really a necessity to me but I guess I need to prepare myself for more ‘rainy’ days in the future. I kinda have a thing for umbrellas now =(

My new best friend is. . . family guy!! Typical silly American sitcom that keeps you laughing for every reason possible. Hey, they are really entertaining so I am trying to get all my friends to watch them with me =)

Remi Gaillard. A French joker. Performed a series of pranks and some I have to say are brilliant!! Go youtube.  

Army wives. The had a rerun of the entire first series last weekend when I was home. Spend my whole beautiful Saturday watching some ‘aunty’ show. Kinda fell in love with that series actually. Gives you a lot to think about. sigh. . . 

Uni has been great. I sure am glad I have lesser workload this semester so that gives me plenty of room to do my own things and to rejuvenate myself time to time. Come what may! i am pretty motivated now =P

Can’t wait for next week =)

♥ jiunnli ♥

♥ jiunnli ♥



4 Responses to “When you had to marry a prostitute. . .”

  1. Jiunn Lee, how are you doing? I’ve been frequenting your blog – just want to know how are you coping back here in KL. Thank God it’s not bad after all. =) I was rather caught up with my granduncle’s birthday celebration last weekend and it has drained all my energy. ALL!! I slept for the longest hour I can remember. haha.. anyways, you stay pretty and happy ok? God bless…

  2. Hey girl, i am doing great =)
    Thanks for reading my blog and funny that you dropped a comment on this particular post =P

    Yeah God is good. Thought i would have difficulty adapting and all but its not too bad. Prayers have really helped me get through things and yes, i will stay pretty! =P you too okaay?
    We should still meet you know =)

  3. chengyeelee Says:

    God is good all the time. Well, I’m screwed again. Maybe I should tell you more in emails. Yeah, we should meet up one day. It has to be weekends though. I don’t have transport and I work till pretty late on weekdays. By the way, what’s your mobile number now?Keep in touch alright?

  4. what do you mean? okok, we must meet ASAP! weekend sounds good =). We discuss more on msn =)

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