Damages done.

Past few days have been quite eventful.  Have also been feeding on high emotions lately but tonight isn’t like any other night, I suddenly cannot relate to what i am feeling inside. Been trying to figure that out the whole day. I feel altogether detached from my daily routine and i am nowhere to be found. Well, ironically,  i’ve always wanted to run away to places where I don’t have to do much explanation for the way i feel nor hold any responsible for the damages i’ve caused myself.

Damage. A change of state that results in a loss in value.

Value, the qualities that render something desirable or valueble. 

I go to God with alot of disappointments almost everyday for this season of my life. Anger wasn’t my main agenda anymore. I wasn’t very grace-filled when i decided to write this post. Alot of changes have taken place and I need to get my thinking organized. I want to acknowledge the real issues and tackle the things that could help me once and for all decide over time, when these changes should be called. . . .damages.

I am not afraid to admit this. The dissatisfaction in my heart cries out and there was no response to these desperate act. Embrace it perhaps? I hope in my mind, this does not signify a process of mimicry that is used by me to cope with the downfall. However, I have substantial reason to believe that these changes (that officially just turn into damages a couple of minutes ago) indeed caused me lots of pain, hurts and regrets but its the only pathway to something greater, bigger and more wonderful.  

No one says its going to be easy =S

Whether its done deliberately or not, meant to be or not, had to happened or not, when a damage is done, whatever that comes after that, i reckon there are certain consequences you have to live with for the rest of your life. Really, I now see you as an infliction.

Sigh, lets just hope and pray that my memory fails me or that the days of the earth have come to an end.

Nevertheless, I remind myself again, damage shouldn’t decrease the potential use that it has to offer in the future. Its how you make the best out of that damage and turn it around for your own advantage. There are no mathematical formulas nor scientific wonders. Its all in your will power and how much you surrender to God. He cleans up the mess and soon. . . .damage? what damage?=). So ,don’t exaggerate your misfortune.

Also, there is no appropriate measure for value. Our one value is in our God. This was never an assumption.

Thats all there is, there isnt anymore.

Ah, too much moscato. . .

2 Responses to “Damages done.”

  1. hey..my day wasn’t really good though but God has taught me how to dance in the rain. Praise him and you’ll feel better. Really hope that we can meet up soon. Take care, sis! *hugs*

  2. yeah yesterday night was a rare case. I guess i am numb already to all the things that hit me. We human can only take this much. So dont beat yourself up i told myself =)

    We will definitely meet up but i am so sorry about my messy schedule. Very uncertain. Let me know when also is the best time for you =). I would wanna be there for you ok?take care =)

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