Starting to count my blessings. . .

Had a good time with Bee. She is this wonderful person that God has placed in our lives in Taylors. Who would have thought you would be such a blessing to me and all my friends. Dinner was good. Love the nasi lemak at Pappa Rich but I am so sorry about the laksa. I think it practically burnt our throat.heehee! I still have them in my fridge. Don’t think I will finish them because I sense a horrid sore throat coming my way. I cannot must not fall sick because I am really looking forward to serve this weekend. I already had flu =(. Anyway, thanks for the heart to heart talk. Something I need from time to time =)
Evie, thanks for another round of shopping-therapy together. We were supposed to get a couple of things for friends so we had dinner together at Pyramid before that. It is so good to see her again after two weeks. Eve is the one girl who knows most about me. All the crappy stuff I did or say. All my lame stories and experiences. All my fears, my dreams. Thanks for always being there for me whenever I needed you. Shopping was always awesome with you.  Also, thank you for pointing out something really important to me tonight. I now know what I don’t want.
Jovy, another sweetheart. My college mate who never stops caring for me 24/7. Met her two years ago in Point1. Boy, we’ve come a long way. God really knows when and who to put in our lives. Never fail to help me academically. Always lending me her ears and most of all her precious time to listen to all my dim-witted, unintelligent and dumb stories. Oh yeah, my partner in crime in McD!oh how we love Mcdonalds =). And gosh, thank you for fixing the curtain for me today. Really, I think you are more prepared to be a housewife than I do. I can’t even handle the four holes!=D
Ah, demand and supply. Kinda  forgot what I’ve learnt from foundation. Had to revise all over again to finish up my econs tutorial. . .sigh. I am tired. . .Sleeping seems like a good idea. . . not!
Back to work.

2 Responses to “Starting to count my blessings. . .”

  1. =)
    i’m outbeating you in McD!!! =)
    and i’m not prepared to be a housewife…
    actually don’t plan to be one
    not a housewife…
    i can be a working wife…haha
    love u gal!!

  2. haha i think we need to exercise =P

    and yes, with that intelligent, gifted brain of yours, you better not end up being a housewife =P

    muaks! =)

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