Had a long day at Uni. Well not that long la. I spent my morning in the library looking for books hoping i could have a head-start of my first assigment due in aprill. Alil tired and i am tempted to take my afternoon nap but i had an appointment with Joshua. Need to catch up after 3-4 months being away!

I’ve changed my blog template suddenly because i feel i needed another ‘fresh’ start. Again, another decision has been made and this time, i’ve never been so proud of myself. Spring-cleaned my blog abit and tah-da. It is as if new and probably more organized and neater this time, well maybe not =)

I had awakened a new sense of freedom and in each passing day i knew where this gift comes from.

I will come back with photos the next round =)

2 Responses to “Spring-cleaned!~”

  1. I like the new layout… it gives a nice feeling as it opens up – a “fresh air” indeed!

  2. i like it too, abit girly no?Yeah i ‘needed’ it =P.
    Praise God =)

    but i think i am going to change the theme again =S

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