P.s I love you

Looking through my external hard disk when I was supposed to be studying for my upcoming test next week. I was deleting some movies from my folder and i stumbled upon ‘P.s I Love you’. I used to think this show wasn’t up to what i have expected also because I decided that the novel was a better preference.  Maybe its the casting. I thought Hillary Swank wasn’t suitable to be Holly Kennedy as she gives a very deep ‘independent, woman-on-top’ feel instead, than to be a frail wife whose husband has succumb to brain tumor, died and she had to start living her own life through a series of letters her dead husband wrote before he goes, until she finally  abandon her fears of falling in love. Before i knew it, I gave this movie another shot as i happily grab my laptop, went to the bed and called it a night. (To be honest, I never really did any work just now anyway).

I paid attention to every single detail in this movie from the moment I click ‘play’. No, this time I never fast forward or anything. I actually enjoyed each moment of the movie until the credit started rolling. I don’t remember crying during the show the last time i watched it, but tonight, it was extremely hard for me to contain the tears.


I could not derive any interest nor relate to this movie the first time I watched it because I never understood. Things make more sense now =)

Ah, I am such sucker for romance.

No way I am going to study in the weekend when I am serving, dance workshop and also parents are in KL again to send my sister off. That’s right; she is heading back to Aus after a month of bumming here in Malaysia. Sarah wouldn’t want to go back as much as we want her to stay. But oh well, everything has its timing. I will see her very soon I know =)

. . . Yesus. . kaulah sahabat ku. . . 1 , 2, 3, 4. . .7, 8. . .yesus. . .

P.s: I love you che =)

3 Responses to “P.s I love you”

  1. hey totally agree with you!!!!!! the novel is way better than the movie. I was kinda disappointed when i watched it. But as usual this show really made me cried…so touching!ha ha…You’re not a sucker for romance!!!

  2. Leanne is so pretty now.. she’s such a sweet girl. You wait, she will grow up to be very beautiful cuz she has Doreen’s genes! =)

    aaw… I miss you all la..

  3. praise; hey girl, i only cried the second time i watched it =(

    che: yeah she is =)She is going to be tall and hopefully lean.heehee!

    yeah i miss you too! can i come to sydney again end of this year?i have another niece to visit:D

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