I was no longer special. . .

Me heart broke when i repeatedly say these few words to myself.

I got up from the wrong side of the bed yesterday and soon after, my whole day was completely ruined before i knew it (yeah the emo-ness has been dragged on till today). I wanted so much to understand what triggers my bad mood but i guess i can only blame myself.

Really, today in particular, i don’t exactly feel dandy nor was i excited for life. Gosh, i am hitting 22 soon and yes i reminded myself I’m only going to be 22 once. So what next! I think i am going to attempt Goth, paint my nails blue (wait, i actually had turquoise on my fingers now). Wear some really skimpy dresses to college perhaps? oh yeah oh yeah, dye my hair purple or something? Actually i had something like that on my mind except its going purple-ish brown. haha! as if robert cheong allows these. . .

Gosh, i do not feel at all special tonight but i want to be. A sudden realization hit me. Sometimes feeling special does no completely depend on your own sentiment  but rather on how those around you who truly love you make you feel. This is because they have seen ‘one-in-a-million’ in you!!=) 

. . . . .I was no longer special. That is why.

Shouldnt have stayed up for the football match later.

Should i stay back for the weekend?

Ah, movie therapy tomorrow. Something to look forward to!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, its only a day away. . . =)

Yes, one assignment down, 4 more to go for this sem!

Goodnight world!

Liverpool! liverpool! liverpool….woot!

i hope the nail fetish will go away =P

i hope the nail fetish will go away =P

5 Responses to “I was no longer special. . .”

  1. hey sis, I feel for you. Just hang in there, God is not done with you. Same to me though. Some days are better than the other. After all, it’s the attitude that matters. I’m sure you’re strong enough to handle this, dear sis! =) Cant wait to see you next week though. =) Take care..*hugs*

  2. thanks sis but i am feeling better today!
    haha, i better not write too much of these emo post =P
    see you next friday! =)

  3. well, i guess it’s alright to express yourself rather than keeping it. I’m sure this cathartic post will help enlighten you a bit. =) See you next Fri!

  4. hey dearest!

    just one of those days huh.anyways you really have got loads to update me about. i really hope we get to meet up soon ok?


    p/s : better change my blog link.hehe it’s no longer xanga. it’s now adamei.blogspot.com=)

  5. hey dear,
    yeah me will meet =)
    We going for sushi still? =P

    ok, will change the blog link!

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