my easter

This Easter was particularly special to me. Probably because i was at my most fragile time of the season. Several days before, i took on a journey to the cross as I ponder on Jesus death and God’s motive behind all these and also how Jesus was raised from the dead 72 hours later, leaving the world a sense of hope that His second coming will bring.


. . . but hmm,  what if Jesus is not coming back for us?

What if God changes His mind?


This stirs up my heart as I reminded myself of the truth.

The world You left behind; Is it worth fighting for?


We simply presume that no matter what happens, He will (and of course, the truth is, He definitely will) come back for us. I personally think we, who are fallen from grace give Jesus no reason to come back the 2nd time. In fact, we are not even close to worthy for Him to come the first time. We should’ve been destroyed there and then! We disappoint him over and over again, we deliberately do things that we shouldn’t do, we hurt Him no end, we do not understand peace, we took advantage of His mercies, we do not love correctly, we whine and complain over the slightest things, we chose other useless idols, we are blardy disobedient and gosh, we have unlimited liability of sins! The list goes on. Why would Jesus even come back for people like us?


. . .But God remained faithful. . .to us.  


Just because we couldn’t keep our own promises with one another doesn’t mean God will break His.  In Romans, though everyone in the world is a liar, God is true. Simple as that. We are made right in God’s sight when Jesus died for our sin and He will come back again regardless how the world has turn out to be or how unworthy we’ve become although, of course, mankind is the last reason why God should offer His grace and endless love.

the cross, our answer to everything =)

the cross, our answer to everything =)


3 Responses to “my easter”

  1. Heya gal 🙂 Just dropping by to say HELLO! Hope all is well with you.

  2. =) just dropping a smiley…

  3. van: Hey vanessa! =)

    Ah ton: thanks alston =)

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