dark clouds

I can’t believe i actually cried in the library. . .

Massive headache now.

And i can’t stop crying.

7 Responses to “dark clouds”

  1. gosh..are you alright…steady k…i buy u ice cream.. =)

  2. jongshengong Says:

    heyyzzzz… dont cry k… *hugs*

  3. hey sis, are you alright? What’s wrong?
    I just hope that our Lord who calm the storms will calm your troubled being even right now. Pour out everything to the Lord and find rest in Him! Take care, sis! Will remember you in prayer.

  4. haha dont worry ppl, its probably hormonal =P

  5. =)
    so cute….
    mcd? snowflakes? ice cream? wat else??……

  6. after the dark clouds comes the rainbow =)

  7. hey jovy,
    you forgot starbucks.
    we’ll starbucks after you exams ok?

    i’ve experienced some part of the rainbow adi.
    Havent seen the full one.
    but God is good =)

    worry not, what i am going through are generally hormonal =P

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