∑ of my weekend

Wii, golden retriever, crabs, mall cop, foot reflexology, pyramid, dressing up, bak kut teh, more ham dan crabs, fried bun, bangsar, eve and ho ho, huge mansions, christy, whisky, riesling, chinese tea, awesome friends, james, wine chicken, fried sotong, black lace dress, green and grey dresses, snowflakes, blackpepper beef, green view, rich kids, good night sleep, doughnuts, cold storage, exquire kitchen, chocolate, minor hang over, bukit jalil, phil and cat, ss2,dim sum,  curry puff, home.

Quite alot of stuff we did in two days.

pweety =)

pweety =)

Assignment stress starts. . . . . . now!


6 Responses to “∑ of my weekend”

  1. ur 2 days seem very long…
    manage to do so much =)
    ur stress starts, mine is ending…hehe…can’t wait
    and shall go starbucks…definately…missing it =)
    i forgot wat’s the drink called again….

  2. wow… thats a darn lot of things you did in 2 days !

    hope u are doing fine now jiunn dear… and we should chat sometime soon ! take care ya

  3. jovy: yeah man, two days for all that =P
    All the best in your finals. Then we’ll meet up with joanna and do the thing we do!=)

    JSheng: hey thanks for checking on me. I am doing much better now. Will definitely chat soon but all you’ll hear is assignment stress and finals and bla bla bla. . .=) Hope you are doing great over there!

  4. NICE PIC! Love the top!!!

  5. let’s kick off those assignments!…lol…eh no? im having finals now… im trying my best to kill the papers… good luck to u!

  6. sharon: awww, thanks. I like this picture too =)

    Lchuy: haha yeah blardy assignments. But what to do, have to do them anyway. So i better stop complaining =PAll the best in your finals!

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