Beautiful Saviour

“and my ways are beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts”. Isaiah 55:8

Today i caught a glimpse of a portion of what God is doing in my live, or rather in our lives.I enjoy the wonder of obtaining revelations through unexpected situations and conversation. God really works in ways that are so mysterious and clever. He is the strategist and synergist. He does things systematically and all these are proven when we look at the creation around us.   Every single agenda is hooked up with the right conclusion. Every mishap comes together with unending strand of blessings. Every tear is replaced with hopes and joys. The time is right, the condition is right. No one can or should second guess what God has in his mind.

Some personal issues need to be abandoned wherever i am right now. Release now so that God will start His work again and he will bring forth redemption and restoration. If i am waiting for the right time, then the time is now. This way, i can only give myself fully to God on stage. My best is yet to come and i thank You for reminding me through the various blessings you’ve put in my life in the different season of my journey.

It comforting to know that God holds my life in his hands. My mind cannot grasp how much he loves me but i have the assurance that he always knows whats best for me and because his plans immeasurably surpass my own, I should probably stop struggling to get ahead of Him.

He is my beautiful saviour.

can’t wait to serve this weekend =)

3 Responses to “Beautiful Saviour”

  1. could not have said it better myself. =)

  2. Debbie Loh Says:

    Hi girl! Nice.

  3. hey debbieeeee!=)
    i dont write that well but i just enjoy throwing whatever’s in my head into my blog =P

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