. . .stressssss. . .

no more happy post until i hand in my assignments.

Just two more weeks of torture jiunnli, just two more weeks.

Important truth about communication; Meanings are in people, not in the words we use. I can say, “I love you” but do i really mean it?  How you perceive the meaning of those words are no within my control. As Combs and associates (1971) suggest, ” The discovery of meaning can only take place in people”.

Meanings are in people, not in their words nor action.

Profound. very profound.

No more books left in my uni’s library. Have to go raid Monash tomorrow.

” For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and self-discipline”- 2tim 1:6


pufff~i accidentally deleted all half of the photos i've taken in syd =(

7 Responses to “. . .stressssss. . .”

  1. profound indeed *stares into space**deep thought* LOL

  2. profound leh~
    words mean nothing if the person don’t mean anything =)

  3. true enough…i have nudge you more than the number of the fingers on my hands…yet no reply…sigh~

  4. eh bro, say something instead of nudging la.
    but seeing the countless nudges, i thought it was virus generated nudges (if you know what i mean)


  5. i know wat you mean…good verse btw..and nice picture too

  6. GAMBATEH!!!

    at times when you feel weak, know that the Lord will be your strength =)

    look forward for the rainbow after the storm….
    i know i am…hehe

    you can do it gal…

  7. alan: thanks =)

    jo: thanks jovy. All the best this monday! i’ll look forward to my ‘rainbow’. Sometimes i forgot i have one =)

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