Not complaining. . .

Its already 12 in the morning, and i havent really done any addition to the current assignment i am working on. This two weeks are going to be really hectic. With all the major assignments datelines on the same week and also been scheduled to serve for both the weekend and for Unity Celebration this coming Wednesday. Now, i am trying to get inspired to finish choreographing but these things dont just come like that. We need original choreo and new interpretations of the songs.

All in all, its not about performing, but to be able to stand on stage and  giving God your  everything. Something i’ve learnt from the past few months i’ve been serving, it is important to grasp the art of worshiping by relating to the congregation and God. With much focus and concentration, dancing really is an awesome method to worship.

I think our Langkawi trip has been confirmed. Rachel decided to come with me together with the rest of the gang to Langkawi this July. Yeah long way to go still but its okay to get alil excited about it right? We think its going to be  awesome! i just hope someone will go fishing with me =P. Gosh, have to start pumping money into my  ‘travel fund’. Haha, something eve came up with. Good thing i manage to avoid spending this afternoon.

I am actually looking forward to my finals this june.  Time passes by real quick. Now i am coming to the end of my 2nd semester. I will be done with assignments for this sem when i pass them up next week. I just have to shift my worries to my upcoming tests…eeeeee.

Can’t wait for my sister’s baby to arrive. We just got a shocking news that Jocyee’s baby is apparently…a boy! In week 24, the doctor still confidently tell her that its a girl mana tahu when she went to scan again, the baby decided to  ‘change sex’. My sister said its possible that initially the testis will not descent. When they do, it will be very obvious. So congratulations again to Anthony and Jocyee. You guys will have a swell time searching for new baby names =)

sigh, back to work.Some photos of what we did just now.

yeah, we were just about to have dinner =P

yeah, we were just about to have dinner =P



Don’t give up. The joy of the Lord is my strength. =)

see you, world!

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