when you least expect it . . .

I am glad.
I got so many things done this week.

I managed to finish all my assignments on time and pass them all up.

I managed to do my tutorial work abit and compile all my notes as i prepare for finals.

I managed to study alil for my last BCB test this monday.

I managed to have dinner with jovy and bee at Gardens.

I managed to catch up with my sleep.

I managed to cope with the songs for this week’s celebration.

I managed to change my toenail colour.

I managed to squeeze time for rachel and evelyn for a gurly shop date,

and i still managed to journal every single day.

But i havent gotten time to read any books =(

sigh, we often complain that 24 hours are simply not enough but actually, all we have is time. Its just how we manage them and set our priorities right. I am really tired, but ironically, i am too full of joy to just go to bed. So i thought i should spread some of my joy here before i do so.

So whoever is reading this, yes you, i wish you all the happiness you can get as you read my post. =)

*imagine jiunnli flashing you with her sweetest smile*

Really, happiness is all around you. Stop looking high and low for it. Its always there. You don’t even have to search hard but yes, it is there. It is when you least expect it, happiness comes rolling in. heehee! This gift comes mostly through people, anyone (even just seeing aunty irene from DUMC cafe gives me joy). I thank God for them =). Gosh, i can just go on, and on and on. . . . .

I can’t wait for my next suprise =)

Goodnight world!

10 Responses to “when you least expect it . . .”

  1. jongshengong Says:

    awww..you gave me a smile.. awww… my heart melt d =))

  2. ah jiunn lee, reading your journal puts a smile on my face… a good start to a new day! We have so much to thank God for, really….thanks for sharing your joy…. 🙂

  3. oj: haha,very funny!=P
    btw we havent seen each other for such long time!=)

    bee: aww, but i am glad =)
    Just count our blessings and we have so much to thank for =)

  4. Debbie Loh Says:

    I can really identify with this great joy you’re experiencing hehe. But I wasn’t like that when I was your age. Mwahahahaha… So good on you girl! Keep getting showered w God’s love and spread it around! 😀

  5. jongshengong Says:

    yes… we havent seen each other in ages… the last time i saw u, would be in sitiawan… and i think it is coming close to… ummm…. 5 years ? or maybe a lil more ? hahaha… so when you coming down to melbourne ? =)

  6. oj: would love to leave everything in msia and go back to aus =(
    Actually i was thinking of something even more crazier than this!

    debs: yeah this joy really is unspeakable.
    But i can be very unstable sometimes. I’m very good at the two extremes; way too happy and then suddenly minor depression =(. Either way, i am learning la =)

  7. jongshengong Says:

    haha… whats the crazier stuff ??

  8. Debbie Loh Says:

    Hahaha.. Usually it’s like that la.. When I get a really really high weekend, usually I hit a down after that.. It’s normal cos our emotions become all dried out so we need to take some time to rest and revive our souls. Hehe.

  9. Debbie Loh Says:

    actually what i meant is “replenish” rather than revive, haha..

  10. hehe, thanks debs for coming back to my blog each time to reply to a comment =)

    Thats so true. Emotions do not just always stay constant, i know, but i just dont understand why it could be so volatile at times=P

    Only God can revive and replenish us =)
    Cant wait to serve tomorow =)

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