the end of the end

I don’t know what sort of day i went through today.I just know we were food deprived and Ikea meatballs came to the rescue.

dessert! Dain cake and choc muffin

We also had some desserts! Dain cake and choc muffin.

But there was definitely also a case of sleep depravity. My back hurts so badly because of the amount of time i knelt by my bed.  Just when i was about to lie down and close my eyes, my alarm began to rang. I can’t remember when was the last time that i woke up with so much mixed emotions. And after what happened last night, i struggled desperately within my might to shut off all incoming thoughts the moment i was conscious.  Silly me thinking that 3 hours of sleep are sufficient to erase all the unpleasant reminiscences. When i finally come to my senses, I knew this is the end of the end and i need to ‘get going’.

She was like a damsel in distress.

Sigh, here comes another saturday.

I made sure i had my fair share of BCB before i head out with evelyn to meet with Joanna and her friends. We had a great time at the factory outlet stores at Queenspark. Nevertheless  the place wasn’t exactly how i pictured  it would be, but heck, as long as i get good bargains, doesn’t matter la but come to think of it, not really lor, to pay that amount of money for some MNG tops that were sooooo last season, not that wise.  Sheesh, anyway, i got myself a very classy tangerine top (I needed a form of motivation).



Besides shopping, I love reading. I miss the time where i could go to a corner and read a good book for hours and hours, without any interruption. Many may know that i absolutely love reading fiction though i’ve tried to deviate to books like, How to kill a mocking bird, Pygmalion and probably the world is flat. Heehee! (did not go very far with those books). Anyway, i will find time to start picking up reading. This is going to be my next read.



Won’t spoil it for you guys tho i am very tempted to copy and paste the synopsis here.

Something tells me this is going to be yet another awesome read.

2 Responses to “the end of the end”

  1. I thought you are saving your money for Langkawi trip?

  2. yea hor, but may not go already.
    Just realised my finals are pretty close by.
    So may be quite rushed and all for me =(

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