Week 12

My bro left for India last saturday. Wish that he his company will send him home for more meetings so that we can see him more often 😛

the week my parents came

the dad and his not so 'little' boy 😛

This week marks the 12th week of my 2nd semester. 3 more weeks to study break and then finals. I am super relaxed because i know, i am in good hands, as long as i do my part and study hard.

Alston came all the way from Semenyih to visit me. Hey, its about time anyway!! Heehee!~ Nola, i guess his visit was also very timely. Due to my self-inflicted emo-ness. I really appreciate that you made time for me =).

haha so gay!

haha so gay! Thats snow white btw, the name my niece has given to the lil white sheep.

This is late, but thanks Charlotte for the rock candies you bought for us  from Melbourne. I love them =).

They are really good =)

It spells 'Melbourne' if you read carefully.

We had this during dance orientation night. Nothing amazing but they really do wonders. The colourful topping does cheer u up after a long hard day. Cake sense; 6 for rm5.50.


oh don't you just love sweet stuff. I know i do 😛

I am switching back to Maxis!! So I’ll inform you guys as soon as i get my new number =). They call me ‘polygamously loyal’ in marketing. Hence, switching is a norm in my repetoire ( in fact, i would love to switch to a new phone altogether. . . ooohhh iphone. . . heehee! )

they have this really cute brochure

Their brochure is really cute.

I also have been doing some sweating. . . badminton!!! (with my housemate). We usually play close to midnight near our place. So nice to release stress and all after one whole day of studying. I am learning to love exercising. When you feel good outside, you’ll naturally feel the same inside 🙂

aih, i don't have a proper photo

aih, i don't have a proper photo (thats Y.yaw and MC)

I really love this photo. However random this is, thanks for always being there for me =)

It has only been months and we both have changed so much =)

It has only been months and we both have changed so much =)

Also, I met Mark again after a long long time. He came to subang area with his team to promote some event for Samsung. It has been such a long time since i saw him so its good. Will meet him again this thursday. This time i have to bring more ppl to  sign up (and maybe take a picture of both of us).

Today is definitely another fruitful day.

Meeting up with my highschool bestie tomorrow! I am so excited and i am sure glad he is in KL to do his internship for the next two months before he is whisk back to sarawak. Can’t wait to watch angels and demons! =)

Sigh, anyway it is obvious that i am just stalling my time away by ranting and posting up random photos. Need to go back to my books. Big test coming this monday. I am desperate to do well.

6 Responses to “Week 12”

  1. u will do well…i know it…i just know it..hhaa

  2. thanks alan!
    hope you are doing well too =)

  3. =) i look so $%&* small kid..but was great hanging out with you..its been a while since we last do some catching up.. =) will drop by again someday..

  4. sure we’ll meet up again! =)

  5. Woman! It’s subscription market not repertoire! lol! But since u really like to switch..fine la..repertoire…I wish phones were a repertoire too so I can switch every WEEK if not everyDAY! mwahaha XD

  6. ahaha! it is repertoire no??
    oh i know what you mean, it is ‘subscription’ because previously i only subscribe to celcom and celcom alone. . !!heehee!

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