In economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. When the general price level rises, each unit of the functional currency buys fewer goods and services; consequently, inflation is a decline in the real value of money—a loss of purchasing power in the internal medium of exchange which is also the monetary unit of account in an economy.Inflation can have adverse effects on an economy. For example, uncertainty about future inflation may discourage investment and saving. High inflation may lead to shortages of goods if consumers begin hoarding out of concern that prices will increase in the future

mummy and i

mummy and i

Mum and i had a great time spending precious mother-daughter moments together when she was here for MCCC. Though they mostly involved shopping and all. Aargh, finals in 2 weeks time and i have no idea what i am studying. I need alot of prayer and help :S

Today is yet another beautiful day.

Have a blessed tuesday=)

4 Responses to “Breaaathe”

  1. wow, such nice shoes you all have there!! did you both buy any?

  2. haha no we din buy any!
    we just walked out. Too much choices..heehee!

  3. Hahahahaha did you just talk halfway about economics and then immediately stuck in the tonnes more interesting photo of shoes and the bit about your mom? LOL that’s so funny.

    Hey u know what, at the last prayer meeting we were given this list of names of MCCC delegates to pray for and Anson pointed out your mom from the list of Wesley Methodist Delegates. If I remember correctly, she was a (Mdm) Soo or something like that hor? lol…

  4. Hey debs!
    hahaha yeah i did!
    i wanted to link economics with us shopping and all ma but terlupa link la.
    i can be a real blurr! 😛

    yeah, Mdm. Soo! thanks for praying! =)she was so blessed through this conference. I think she signed up for next year’s one already. I think. It was really awesome for me as well =)

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