Walking back from college today, with the wind on my face, made me realised one of my happiest moment and the shittiest moment in my life happened simultaneously. How so? The irony is this. The happiest moment for me by far was when i spent that one beautiful December in Australia and it was also one of the worst time in my life because i was going through a break up.

How grand but despite all that has happened, I looked up to the sky, took a deep breath, smiled, knowing that my God is in control of everything.

I am going to be 22 tomorrow. Whoopiee! *claps and jumping up and down*. Well, I am not exactly looking forward to be a year older but honestly speaking, i am excited though. Throughout my life, it was only recently that I’ve been put through difficult test,  many of which i failed but some had victorious outcome.  I thank God for the many opportunities in which i had the chance to learn and grow.

I don’t know what i am going to do next, really. I don’t know what lies ahead of me but i know after all that I’ve been through, I am not going to let my 21 years of life just pass me by.

. . . . .I am going to redefine what life is to me.

Life is like a box of colour pencils. Yellow and orange sunny days are best. Pink  may arrive again someday to surprise you with a lil bit of love and purple is when you feel like doing something crazy!! Gray is when the rain comes and you are listening to it as it tickled the ground. Not forgetting black cause you’ll never run away from life disappointments and heartaches . . .but eventually, you’ll learn to combat all these with the right ‘colours’ that are present in your life.

You know what, I am feeling all colourful right now =)

Life is when all else fails, your hope stays in the Lord.  Life, when everything else is taken away from you, they’ll come back, bigger portion the 2nd time around. Finally, life is making each day counts because there is not much left.

Happy blessed 22nd to ME !=)

p/s: thanks eddy, yy, mc and wei yi. . . I really had tears in my eyes when you guys came back with the cake. I was more than touched.

thanks S for calling all the way from US. It was really unexpected and i am sorry when i couldn’t recognized your voice! :P. Will write you soon =)

Also, thanks J for the birthday prayer and it was another good conversation. Thanks for supporting me especially at times like these.

First and foremost, Jess and Jen ric. Thank you for planning my birthday lunch with our ‘lame’ crew!!!! Also, I forgive you guys for making me walk from one end of ss15 to the other end just to get to my lunch. And to the rest who came for the lunch party, thank you turning up!I really enjoyed every moment spent with you guys today =)

Thanks Jamie and Evie for the wonderful mexican dinner. It was so sweet of you guys to agree to eat in PJ just so i can make it for practice after that.  I really love the restaurant and the food. I finally get a taste of shirley temple :P. Thank you for your generosity =). I love you guys to bits!

Bee and Jovy. Thanks for supper! It was always awesome to spend time with you guys. Not only are they meaningful but they are always filled with laughter and joy. I really thank God for blessing us with each other =)

and those who wished me on facebook, gosh i was so thrilled when i began reading each messages, one after another. Really, it made my birthday even more complete when it barely started=)

Told yah its going to be awesome. Goodnight world.

6 Responses to “Redefine”

  1. Happy Birthday my dear sis!

  2. thanks che and thank you so much for making my australia trip a super memorable one!! next stop, MELBOURNE! ok?? 😛

  3. Happy birrthdayy!

    I love yyoouuu!

  4. joan dee!
    you know what? i love you too =)

    will pray for you exam. Your name is in my journal already.
    so study hard yea!

  5. heyy! accidentally stumbled upon ur blog. u’r so good in putting ur thoughts into words haha. oh yeah, and u should come to melbourne next time! take care ❤

  6. aww, you think so? thanksss. . .It wasnt great or anything and tho this is a my private domain, its nice to have ppl reading it =P

    yes!! melbourne! i am dying to go there! heehee!

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