the horror

quoting Daryl, “life is like a bed of roses, roses have thorns.”

so here’s to life’s ‘thorns’. . . . . .

22nd June 09 Managing communication in Business

23rd June 09 Microeconomics

24th June 09 Finance and Investment

29th June 09 Buyer & Consumer’s Behaviour

note: the most terrifying one would be the Finance paper.

3 Responses to “the horror”

  1. GAMBATEH!!!

  2. Debbie Loh Says:

    All the best Jiunn Li! Go show them what “sitting for an exam” means!

    (haha okay lame)

    But yeah! =)

  3. jovy: thanks girl! =) You enjoy your holiday and we’ll go for fondue after my exams ok! aaargh, fat!! and i am stuffing big apple doughnuts down my throat as i write =(

    Debbie: hey thanks also for praying yeah. I reaaaally need it =(
    Anyway back to my books. Wrote something to you on fb.
    read it when you free ok and let me know what you think =)

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