I can’t wait, I can’t wait! tomorrow’s my last paper! yessss! Anyway, was doing some last minute revision and something caught my eye.




yeah i know its disgusting, wait, let me give you guys a bigger view. . .



I fell down the other day and i din realise the bruise has gotten so bad. (actually how could one not notice the bruise there?). Funny, it doesn’t hurt abit.

Haha, yes i am alil stressed. I am inspired by aurelia and kb to stay up late and finish everything i needed before i hit the bed *looking sheepishly at my bed with the corner of my eye,ah, tempting*.

Just one more chapter to go and you are good jiunnli!

Whatever crappy situation or shitty circumstances you are currently in right now, things are only going to get better! You probably will fall again, but  this time round, remember to fall with grace. Don’t worry about the bruises and wounds. You need them to remind you of how you’ve courageously stood up after you fell.  Also, they can be healed as the pain saturates in time.

Don’t be afraid of falling again =)

Goodnight people! =)

4 Responses to “Drumstick”

  1. Aiyoh… you are a dancer, you should learn how to fall and not hurt yourself!! how come you fell down?? You are like mama, you bruise easily. Not good!
    Your body is actually quite fragile one. Please more careful and see where you are going. Ok? Poor girl!

  2. ahha that bruise wasn’t from dancing. I tripped over my heels and landed straight on my knees! heehee! yeah we bruise easily but dont worry, its not painful or anything. IT just LOOK painful! thanks che =)

  3. hey..u so clumsy lah. like a klutz! ahaha..ur so cute when u write

  4. yealor, i think i am pretty clumsy one 😛
    yeah they said i write like i talk!heehee!
    when you going back to the crazy lil island up north?

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