I was never good at saying something i really mean. I always say the opposite of what i actually mean, and that causes more complication when i want the other person to get what i actually mean through the things that i don’t really mean.

I talk to God today. Thank you, i said to Him. He is that one person who knows exactly what my thoughts are whether or not i make sense to Him. All i need is a little more of this.

Is it okay to get mad at God sometimes?

8 Responses to “Soliloquize”

  1. Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one! I say something contradictory to what I really mean, so that the other person can then say what I really mean, and then I agree with them. Haha, is that what you mean?

    So funny… Many times I tell myself I need to undo this habit but I hardly have time to look into it! Oh well…

  2. (The result of this habit of mine is that everyone thinks I’m a bimbo… Geez…)

  3. haha! of course you are not the only one!I blardy do that ALL THE TIME too! yeah, its a habit but i thought it was also programmed in us girls that, we usually, always say the opposite. Oh well, something that i need to look into as well =P

    and you never ,for one moment look like a bimbo to me!
    debbie bimbo?? no way =)

  4. Oh gal, I wish I had not read this part of your blog! I would have to double guess what you are trying to say, or wonder if I really know what you’re trying to say, or think if I really understand what you are saying, or… ahhhhhh…. that’s so scary!! 😦

    Just say it as you mean it… it’s not so difficult really… just say it as you mean it! ha!!

    hmmm… if you don’t do this, I’ll have to learn to read your mind, not your lips! 🙂

  5. haha now i dont get you bee! i think you know what i am trying to say =) heehee!! I’ll learn how to say what i really mean but the thing is, sometimes people regard me as too blunt or too honest…so whichever way, oops! =P

    p/s:anyway wanna meet up before i go back to sitiawan? =)

    • ooopps! so I have started to “misunderstand” you! ha! even Jovy is lost! ha! ya sure wanna meet up before you go back! when? you going back this sunday ke? if so, left tomorrow morning only!

  6. girls girls girls
    i can’t say anything…

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