More than just a mini skirt. . .

I was browsing for ways to wear a short mini skirt. I have one that is shamefully short and i cannot step out of the house without feeling like somebody is peeking from underneath. Its alright to be alil careful since you are revealing a large chunk of your body.I cringe when I see girls wearing mini skirts wrong and i definitely do not want to end up looking anything close to slutty; a mini can be classy when worn correctly.

Before i even realised it, i started browsing for wedding dresses! Woah!!  Somebody once told me, we don’t choose the dress and no, the dress doesn’t choose us either.

We just meet our dresses, like how we just met our men adding that, there is a dress, somewhere out there, waiting for you.

Putting on the right dress is like falling in love all over again.  I, however, have in my mind what sort of dress i would wanna wear on my big day. Hey, who said a young girl cant dream alil. I can feel the overexcitement rising within me as more wedding dresses appear on my screen.  Seeing all these beautiful things, I might just fall dead.

I honestly don’t want a hugeass wedding. It takes me awhile to really understand what defines a  good wedding and of course, the learning doesnt stop here. Its definitely not the dress you are wearing, or the hideous make up your make up artist puts on you thinking that she has done the best job so far and forgive your bridesmaids as they are  just doing their job, telling you that you look like a gem when non of them are actually convinced. Its not about the people your parents are inviting, who knows how many unknown faces come up to you during the reception.  It is also not about the spectacular flower arrangement, cascading light pink and purple lisianthus and the most beautiful 10 tier cake from the best baker in town and gosh! whoever says that you need to walk down the aisle to the sound of a string orchestra?

It can be alil overwhelming at the end so to me, a wedding is nothing but a show. What do i have in mind? A small, intimate romantic wedding will do, where i can move around freely attending to my guest who are made up of my loved ones, close friends and relevant family members. Good food and great music are mandatory of course and there is just one thing that i will never compromise,

wedding photography! =)

check this website out:

Photos from




I bet God likes weddings too since there is this emphasis on the relationship between His son and the church. In the bible context, weddings are sometimes rarely associated to the coming together of a man or a woman. We are supposed to look at marriage and see the demonstration of an intimate relationship between Christ and the church. God often describe His relationship with his people by choosing marriage as a significant illustration throughout the old testament.  God doesn’t compromise when it comes to His commitment towards His people. Hence, this makes Him the ultimate reference point in a marriage.

Now, do you still think a wedding is all about searching for that one beautiful white dress or how beautiful your wedding turn out in photographs?

Think again =)

5 Responses to “More than just a mini skirt. . .”

  1. markcheng Says:

    I cant imagine how many photographs you will take for your wedding. Maybe it will take days to just flip through but its your big day so i guess its a MUST for you to do that..haha

  2. hahaha truee!!
    I honestly don’t consider myself photogenic but i just love taking photos!! (whether i am in it or the one taking!)=P

    ps: remember, you guys got a special item to present to me!!!=)

  3. markcheng Says:

    lol..We do have but when the time comes lah..haha

  4. lol i posted a comment but dunno why dont hav..haha…

  5. Sandra C Says:

    i dream of a wedding dress as well! ur not alone. lovely tots! =)

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