A promise is a promise

Romans 3:3

“True, some of them were unfaithful; but just because they broke their promises, does that mean God will break His promises? Of course not! Though everyone in the world is a liar, God is true’.

So many had recently ask me about my life’s direction. Do i look like I am lost or something??heehee! I probably gave them a satisfactory answer because I feel my answers are perfectly crafted out and it spells out nothing but amazing.  Deep down, it is my truest desire nonetheless if you were one of them who asked. Sometimes I also  feel like going away just like that (without graduating), leaving everything behind and go to a place where I can do all the things i love. without a hint of responsibility. However, the thought of hurting my parents stop me from fantasizing further. I thank God nevertheless for he sees the desires of our heart and i know at least someone is interested in my desires as well. It may not be part of His will for me but I would really consider this a privilege where I am given the freedom to think about where i wanna go away next time, to a place where they have beautiful green parks just for me to roll around =)

Everything will be made beautiful in His time =)

Tonight is quite a difficult night for me. As i sit here looking back at my computer screen, there is this pain in me that i would feel occasionally but tonight, i let it linger abit longer than usual before i finally shut it off.

I must avoid thinking of going away each time I’m put in a difficulty. Our God is a faithful and i am no coward.

Our fulfillment should come when God is glorified, not when we are glorified.

Our joy should come when God’s purposes are met, not when our purposes are met.

I brought this upon myself but I know God has my back. I am going to be fine =)

Something about you, makes me smile =)

5 Responses to “A promise is a promise”

  1. mark cheng Says:

    hey in life its so much easier to just drop everything and run away to another place where u can start over and do whatever things that you like but it does not solve the problem. The problem will still arise no matter how far you run or hide. I do not know if you see it as a problem but to me from your writing i feel its a problem for you and I would say, ” deal with whatever your going through and settle it once and for all”.

    But this is how i feel when i read your post but i maybe wrong in my words so if I am just disregard what i have just said because i do not know anything. It’s just a feeling and opinion that i felt while reading.

  2. Usually we are happiest when God is happy. And really, God is happy when we are happy. Hmmm. Our will and desires in reality collide with God’s-i.e. Your purpose is my purpose, Your will is my will, Your joy is my joy, etc-not because we force ourselves, but because we discovered that bull’s eye. Once we find that, then we can truly in all sense of the word delight in Him, and not having to tell ourselves that we ‘should’ delight in Him. Once we hit that point, I believe we can withstand anything confidently using every resource that is available around and in us.

  3. hey mark, thanks for thinking about me. Don’t worry. I am in a journey where i’ve never been before. There were many things that i would wanna run away from but being who i am, and i am pretty sure you know this too, i won’t avoid any of them. I am a strong girl and you know, with God, theres nothing i can’t overcome =)

  4. Hey debs dear, so good to see you last weekend! =)

    I sometimes gave in to my emotions and let them rule over me. You are right, we are the happiest when God is pleased with us and there is nothing else i want more than that =). I think there are alot of re-aligning to do in my life at the moment. I lose focus and end up in some huge confusion but God reminded me tonight that He is not the author confusion but of peace =).

    So the sleepless nights are also self-imposed =P. He will give me rest =)

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