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Coco balls and cornflakes

Posted in Things that make me happy on August 31, 2009 by jiunnli

All i need is a good day and my cereals with milk =)


cocoballs and cornflakes =)

assignments done. Stupid market research=(

Now, financial planning.

Rude Awakening

Posted in Joyless + Melancholy + Depressing + Pathetic on August 30, 2009 by jiunnli


You are making a competition out of everyones pain, everyone has their burdens, and an eerily amount  of pain and heart break – yours is no greater than a strangers. Being young doesnt make you any less susceptible to pain, and having experienced alot of pain in your life doesnt make things less fair to you.  I’m sorry to be harsh, but stop feeling sorry for yourself, and thinking that you have somehow had it harder than everyone else and why din things go according to what you have planned.  You once lost the meaning of what life is and how love feels but I am glad you are back on your feet letting nothing hinders you.

Enjoy the sun, feel the rain, smell the flowers. Do something productive, invest in things, invest in life and though you’ve had your fair share of investment in people that causes you to  finally decided that you don’t wanna have any emotional attachment with them. . .but always remember . . . God holds His people close to His heart, just like how he has always held you dearly to his.



I now understand what you mean when you said you had a bittersweet weekend because i just experienced one.

(inspired by a letter)

I just can’t wait!

Posted in Blessings♥ on August 26, 2009 by jiunnli


1. nine months feels like the blink of an eye and forever all at the same time…. 2. no matter how uncomfortable you feel with your body, you’ll miss being pregnant later….. 3. feeling your baby kick for the first time is similar to your first kiss, all butterflies and smiles…. 4. pillows are sent from heaven & can help you get a few comfortable moments in bed every night…. 5. a glass of wine every now & then is really okay…. 6. nap whenever the feeling comes over you, when your little ones arrives you can only rest when they do…. 7. rub oils & lotions on your beautiful belly all the time, even if it cannot prevent stretch marks, it sure feels nice…. 8. chocolate is a critically important food group…. 9. appreciate your breasts, nursing will change them forever….10. pregnancy is as sexy as you want it to be, so wear your little lacy night gown & love every little bit of your amble curves…

by elizabeth Messina

In less than 10 days my sis is going to give birth to a beautiful girl. . .the sweetness of motherhood suits my sister perfectly well. . .not so sure how my brother in law is doing =P



I just can’t wait for her =)

Posted in Things that make me happy on August 26, 2009 by jiunnli

uh-oh, its raining again. . .

feeeeeels reaaaaally goooood! =)

time for a nap and when i wake up, i will see this =)

wheeeee =)

wheeeee =)

I will also see me assignment next to these. . .i got less than 6 days! huuuurrrrrry! =)

I is happy, you happy?=)

not our typical friday night

Posted in Parties and Nighouts on August 25, 2009 by jiunnli

I had a long week but i think its pretty productive. Knowing fung is coming to kl again to visit (well it was more for the YLDP meeting), eve and i think we should totally have a night out with the guys, something that keeps us sane for alil while until we figure out something else to do next. We then thought of Mike besides the fact that we always wanted to meet up outside church and he is really a great person to hang out with. Sorry if i almost screw up the plan. Made too much assumptions and thanks for everything that night =).

Bangsar indeed is a happening place. It was my first night out there actually. Loved the atmosphere. Very cosy and classy, not what you’ld  ordinarily would see everywhere.  Mike picked Telawi Street Bistro and i automatically went to the uber-excited mode that i couldnt concentrate for the rest of my friday (was too tired that day as well so i din know which outfit to wear that i finally wore something like how a highschool girl would wear. . .shouldv’e worn my yellow banana dress).

Some of the photos taken in Telawi Street Bistro

lycheetini! not as tame as it sounds =(
lycheetini! not as tame as it sounds =(
eve & myself
eve & myself (love your camera eve!!)
the love bird, has been and will always be =)
the love bird, has been and will always be =)
the four of us before edmund and CCM bumped into us!
the four of us before edmund and CCM bumped into us!
there, this is edmund and his darling. A fetching couple dont you think?=)
there, this is edmund and his darling. A fetching couple dont you think?=)
after the Red. . .
after the Red. . .
the girls. . .
the girls. . .
the night is not complete without this!
the night would not be completed without this =) (evie, did i tell you that i love your camera??)

We had billions of fun and that night ended with a bang with all the things we said in the car after. Thank you eve and fung for always being there for me. I owe you guys heaps!

Twas’ great meeting you guys again. Something tells me we are going to do this pretty often. Cheers =)

a gentle dove

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Mum has landed safely in sydney and is now having dinner with my sis and andrew. She is there for my sister confinement and yes, I am going to be an aunty again in less than two weeks time! i am so excited! i have no idea how my second niece will look like but i can always imagine myself with her, wearing pretty dresses and strolling down the park. Ariel is going to be such a beauty, rare and precious, just like her mum =)

Have been so busy juggling work, studies and church. Glad i have time always for eve and myself to go shopping and movies. Just watched The proposal and we loved it! anyway, we are more aware of our spending behaviour now and we hope we’ll managed our finances better this semester but besides that, we make sure we have fun as well =).We gotta save for alot of things in the future.

Speaking of shopping, i saw this pretty lil necklace on sales yesterday and i couldnt resist going back without it.



A dove is a symbol of peace. A dove may also represent the Holy Spirit.  In Matthew 3:16 ‘As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him”.Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist.  In this instance the three persons of the trinity are seen in one form or another.

Life is full of choices and happiness is only a decision away. What makes me happy? To look for that purpose and fulfillment in the things i do be it in my relationship or my career. To look into the life of others and make a difference however small they may be. I believe God has sent me a dove to remind me that, we have Him and He lives in us. We have no reason not to carry on in life if we stumble upon hurts and disappointments. We have the tools needed for His work because want to see His glory reveal in us and through us.

I thank God for that sense of peace that descends like a dove.

Today is the day, You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it =)

Have a great weekend!


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All you need is a  sarcastic email,

a frying pan, a gas stove, a black rubbish bin

and a girlfriend that stands by you no matter what

and well, and a whole lot of strength to do what i did tonight.

Wasnt something I planned, and i never thought i would give up just like that. I’ve been wasting too much time waiting although the waiting would’ve worth something. I’m sure glad it din =)

One thing I know that I have found
Through all the troubles that surround
You are the Rock that never fails, You never fail

One thing I know that I believe
Through every blessing I receive
You are the only One that stays, You always stay

You never change, You’re still the same
You are the Everlasting God
You will remain after the day is gone and the things of earth have passed
Everlasting God

A blessing in disguise?

I can’t wait to find out =)