What is on my mind?

Blergh! its 12.18 am already! Tutorial work is piling up, lectures are getting tougher, time is running out. . .alot of stress and yes, we cannot afford to be lazy anymore bla bla bla. . .but here i am, rolling on the bed, letting all these thoughts fill my brain. Thanks debbie for checking on me. I can sleep now, as usual but thats also because i was dead tired after uni and all. I make sure i get really tired in the day time so i can knock myself out when i finally retire to the night. I feel really sorry for those who have insomnia. Gosh, its worst than being dead sometimes. Eve and Bee, its so nice to have you guys meet after so long. Both of you are so special and significant in my life that i am really glad today’s meeting worked out great! Found out something really really disturbing during lecture this evening. Try not to think of it too much because its probably just a hunch, but even if its true, that just prove that i am really good in observing. Oh jeremy and eve finally met! that buaya ar. . .Jen ric, i think we talked too much during lecture just now. Sir George probably noticed. Oh my friend Karming finally dumped Jenn. College has been great if none mention about assignments and datelines and the latest ‘joke’ that have been going around. Have been taking alot photos to fill up my Uni album. The more photos you take, the faster the time passes and at the end of the 3 years, you’ll look back and see that you’ve lived your uni years well. heehee! thats what i feel la. Yes, the Ian calls for a meeting next wednesday.  He needs to meet with the club member. Its been too long =P. My first resume is on its way. Not easy to come up with one when you dont really have much to write. Sad but true.  Also, i need to list down the company that i want to do my internship. Need to pray for a suitable place. I have a few on my mind now but not sure if they need interns. Been organizing my expenditure on excel sheet. Need to budget alil if i want my bag, my trip and finally, my conscience.  Oh yeah, forgot to do my research on places to eat. Friends are going to be in KL next week and i have no idea what to do. I don’t even know if i get to meet them. I really love this song from this bollywood movie, Kabhi Alvida Naa kehna. I will probably post up the link here or on FB sometime soon. Its a good movie but i still prefer the other two. I think this song has been on ‘repeat’ since an hour ago.Very excited for my sis. I’m going to be an aunty!!!. . . again! 2.5 weeks. Must pray for save delivery. Not sure if i am up for the finance challenge now that the dateline has been postponed to next monday. I need to pray for wisdom and i need a topic asap!sigh. . .unnecessary stress. What should i do this weekend? i got a feeling its going to be real boring. Argh, let tomorrow worry by itself. Can’t wait to meet with my fellow dancers tomorrow. I am glad i get to relaxed through dancing. Wondering hows jovy doing. Its 12. 25 already. first class at 10, phew! I really like my floral topshop top. Its so sweet! Hmmm, which reminds me, i need to spring-clean my closet! shopping makes me happy but i need learn to control and learn how to budget. I have alot of things i never put on before. I must consider the bag i’ve been wanting and the trip i’ve been dreaming off. Thank You, Lord for the peace that surpasses all understanding. Its not easy but i am going to push myself and drag myself out of my comfort zone. I will be still and know you are God.  Lesson learned. Thank You also for reminding me of my dreams. I may have forgotten them or gave up on them but You kept them close to your heart. I love You.


2 Responses to “What is on my mind?”

  1. Hey, perhaps you should space out your typing a little. A bit hard to read la. After a while i lost the part I was reading.

  2. hey che, sorry but i just want to type exactly like how i think! so no fullstop. nor comma or punctuations put in. =P

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