I just can’t wait!


1. nine months feels like the blink of an eye and forever all at the same time…. 2. no matter how uncomfortable you feel with your body, you’ll miss being pregnant later….. 3. feeling your baby kick for the first time is similar to your first kiss, all butterflies and smiles…. 4. pillows are sent from heaven & can help you get a few comfortable moments in bed every night…. 5. a glass of wine every now & then is really okay…. 6. nap whenever the feeling comes over you, when your little ones arrives you can only rest when they do…. 7. rub oils & lotions on your beautiful belly all the time, even if it cannot prevent stretch marks, it sure feels nice…. 8. chocolate is a critically important food group…. 9. appreciate your breasts, nursing will change them forever….10. pregnancy is as sexy as you want it to be, so wear your little lacy night gown & love every little bit of your amble curves…

by elizabeth Messina

In less than 10 days my sis is going to give birth to a beautiful girl. . .the sweetness of motherhood suits my sister perfectly well. . .not so sure how my brother in law is doing =P



I just can’t wait for her =)

5 Responses to “I just can’t wait!”

  1. gratz wei and to your sister too..ahah~

  2. helo, to my current number 1 of my blog! yes, thank you for your continous support in reading my blog.hehehe! hi alan, btw i wanna clarify, i just cant wait to be an aunty, NOT PREGNANT!hehehe. . . thank you for your well wishes =)

  3. awww…so sweet.. pregnant women look GORGEOUS!!
    btw num 9 was cute.. haha


  4. lol…i didnt say u wan to be pregnant leh..its cyn sheng la..wth..kena frame..haha..we can always call u aunty jlee one…heheheh

  5. yvonne: hey you, first time here ei? yea, my sis is even more gorgeous before she has baby in her tummy but now she is still that plus some pregnany glow! =P

    p.s; and yes, no.9, the rack does sag alil i guess after the whole course of pregnancy and breastfeeding =P

    alan: hahah yeala! i know you know i am not a kid-person =P.

    WHAT! i least i ‘THINK’ i am a hot, sophisticated and happening aunty okaaaay! =P

    p.s: you in swan? i am going back next week! =)

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