Rude Awakening


You are making a competition out of everyones pain, everyone has their burdens, and an eerily amount  of pain and heart break – yours is no greater than a strangers. Being young doesnt make you any less susceptible to pain, and having experienced alot of pain in your life doesnt make things less fair to you.  I’m sorry to be harsh, but stop feeling sorry for yourself, and thinking that you have somehow had it harder than everyone else and why din things go according to what you have planned.  You once lost the meaning of what life is and how love feels but I am glad you are back on your feet letting nothing hinders you.

Enjoy the sun, feel the rain, smell the flowers. Do something productive, invest in things, invest in life and though you’ve had your fair share of investment in people that causes you to  finally decided that you don’t wanna have any emotional attachment with them. . .but always remember . . . God holds His people close to His heart, just like how he has always held you dearly to his.



I now understand what you mean when you said you had a bittersweet weekend because i just experienced one.

(inspired by a letter)

4 Responses to “Rude Awakening”

  1. update

  2. ahahaha! nothing to update dear, it was just lagged thoughts coming through as I was inspired by a letter i read earlier. Everything is good here. Never better =)

  3. Orange! I like! =D

  4. thanks! its abit more dramatic right? hehe! very me =)

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