Coco balls and cornflakes

All i need is a good day and my cereals with milk =)


cocoballs and cornflakes =)

assignments done. Stupid market research=(

Now, financial planning.

6 Responses to “Coco balls and cornflakes”

  1. Is that your own camera? Nice la, how come I can’t take photos like that? Was in macro mode?

  2. haha since you can still comment here, i supposed you are not going to deliver yet =P

    and yes,thankss! its the camera i’ve always been using la. The old one. and yup, in macro mode. but if you noticed, it cannot focused that well anymore =)

  3. Hey girl, I dropped Evey’s blog a comment, wanted to share it with you too! Go check! It’s 3 real interesting sites that you may be interested to get some ideas from.

  4. where did you comment wei debs? =)

  5. I think she hasn’t approved the comment… Jiunn, what camera do you use again?

  6. okiee will check it out =)

    I am using thiss konica minolta model. Its a really old camera with only 6megapixels. Its forte is the day and outdoor shot. The flash and focus not working that well =).

    but the photo of the cupcakes and my nightout with eve was using her fujifilm =).

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