I am hoooommme!

errrgh, yeah, its abit too 'pink'

errrgh, yeah, its abit too 'pink' but anyway, I love bright colours. They just brighten up my already lit day =) (my desk in KL)

Lately, i’ve been so inspired by colours. . .

I also have been checking out alot of stores on papers and scrapbook materials, Need to do some research on my upcoming project before i proposed to my investor, Sarah Cheong. Project ‘JL’ i called it.  Need to do research on card making/printing industry too=S. Found ‘ Papier ‘!! This really cool art and craft store in The Curve. It is such a beautiful store filled with beautiful little things that i just lost myself totally within those beautiful things the moment i walked in. (notice my lack of vocabulary =P )

Anyway, i am home!  I realized how much i missed driving long distance when i drove home just now.  These are the few moments of alone-time i enjoy probably because i talk to myself a lot and the many hours of driving gives me the space to do so =P

so, yes I managed to squeeze alil break before a hectic-second-half semester. Brought back all my assignments tho, since its a long weekend. Not going to do much this trip. Probably just bummin around, reading journals, getting those ikan bilis for my friends in Taylors and also renewing my driving lisence that just expired today! =P

oh yeah, i plan to bring my dad out for dinner and a movie! Just the two of us, mcD first then we’ll head down to the local cinema. Its going to be fun if he actually goes with me! heehee!

sigh, its always good to be home=)

p/s: oh no, i am having the josh groban moments now =(

6 Responses to “I am hoooommme!”

  1. enjoy yourselves..hehe…

  2. love the idea of bright colours too!! ncie to see u happy and cherry my dear JL

  3. heehee! nolaa, there are good times and there are bad times as well. . .So i am just savouring the good ones =P

    Hope you’ve fully recovered from your fever and all! =)

  4. ahhh~~ nice ! =)

  5. Love your phototaking… so artistic!

  6. ah ming: hi!! thanks for being here =)

    che: awww, thanks, glad you liked it. I like the cookie jar there =)

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