Imagine the pain . . .

Imagine the pain,

when something mean so much to you,

meant nothing at all to another.

Imagine the pain,

when something is taken away from you,

and all you can do is watch.

Imagine the pain,

when something feels so right,

but they are not to stay.

Imagine the pain,

when what you thought is yours,

became someone else’s.

Imagine the pain,

when you had to walk out of the door,

because staying is not an option.

Imagine the pain,

when you want to love,

but your heart tells you otherwise.

Imagine the pain,

when it all used to matter,

but has now become a closed chapter.


12th september 2009


Go knock yourself out. See if i care=)

6 Responses to “Imagine the pain . . .”

  1. Did you write this?…. ah… sounds a lil emo but it’s so meaningful! Gal, you are not just a good writer, but a poet too! haha! (sorry if I’ve been insensitive here… but I’m having fun reading your blog)

  2. beeeeee you are back! it has been a long time since you last drop a comment on my blog =)

    Dont worry, please have fun reading my blog!! you can laugh because I was also in a cheery mood when i wrote this. Its an overdue post. Iyah, explain to you when i see you for lunch or dinner some time this week =). Will it be a busy week for you?

    also, awww. . .thanks for the compliment. Its nothing great of course but i was just writing what i felt. . . some time ago =). so no worries, no emo no nothing this time=)

  3. =)

    All I can say is–love the orange gal!

  4. the colour orange or the person orange! heeehee! thanks debs =)

  5. Hello jiunn li! Remember me? šŸ˜‰

    Josiah’s gf.

  6. helo renae! of course i remember you! how are you doing?? so nice of you to have found my blog =)

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