to say the least

I try to blog abit while waiting for my nail polish to dry on my nicely manicured fingers. Hoping also that I wont stain my keypads. Multitasking is what I do best.

Grey sky and light breeze, so many ideas came pouring in, inspiration and gosh, I am just filled with anticipation. Looking into whatever will be, I found myself in a place that I’ve long for. Nevertheless, I was puzzled to say the least =)

We were talking, what makes a man great? What is a man of character? A man with qualities of honesty that’s for sure, a man with a great regards for integrity and courage, I like that. A man so full of confidence that you only see humility in him. A man who promise to love, when it’s the hardest to love.

It goes on. . .

Where do we find men like these? I snickered and realize that I may be asking too much.  Shaking my head I resorted to finding men like these in the bible.

Character. . . so underrated. . .

The gentle hum of hope, peace and love. . . .

One thing I ask from God, that in His will, send me a man, not just any man, but a man of great character. Amen.

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