Heloooooo! hows your weekend? mine was good altho sunday is not quite over yet. Waiting for my dad so that we can all go back to sitiawan together. Yay, semester break here i come!  Going to have my last ‘free’ week before uni actually ‘starts’! =P. Havent been doin anything productive but yet, i feel productive.

Had a farewell dinner for aaron last friday. He is going to Italy to finish off his internship! aargh, that super blessed guy! =P.  I dont have much pictures to blog about yet. but this is by far my favourite! see all you sitiawan peeps in swan soon! =)




packing and all, will come up with a proper update when i am home =)

2 Responses to “=P”

  1. nice shot! tongue sticking out post. not a bad idea!

    ps you’re invited to comment on my post too =)

  2. hey there Sj, went to your blog but sorry, i dont know you =). Anyhow, nice meeting you and thanks for dropping your comments here =)

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