I believe

I had my parents with me last weekend. Despite the busy schedule, i was really glad i have both my dad and my mum bringing me around for some fun. Its been too long. Had breakfast at Delifrance. Aaah, how i wish i can have pastries for breakfast every morning together with a hot cup of cappuccino!such a bliss!



my dad

my dad

my mummy

my mummy

strawberries never tasted so good.

strawberries never tasted so good.

Brought my heavy baby all the way to midvalley only to realise that I left my laptop charger at home. Silly me. So how? no choice la,still have to do assignment while my parents went and watch ‘Where got ghosts’. So sweet. So i hand written all my work and it feels like high school all over again. Good thing I had alot of things done.

Then we went to Pantai Seafood to have dinner with dad’s good friend again. This restaurant is hidden somewhere in BU. We had seafood and wine and er, lots of lots of pork. Never seen so much pork or in this case, eaten so much pork in my entire life. eeeuw the smell. =(



camera batt died. had to use my sony

camera batt died. had to use my sony

Couldnt commit myself to sing for choir for two days. So i sang with the team only on sunday. Each time i am up on the stage, i am always ready for God to speak to me. Be it singing or dancing. True enough, that  morning, God impressed in my heart, something that I’ve been struggling to do, something that has grieved both myself and Him.

argh, I’ve been trying to avoid this because i knew i will never convince myself that the other person deserves it. He never will but then. . .

My Grace is enough. So much more than you can ask for.

I was stunned. I couldn’t move for a moment and then i realise perhaps this is the last thing I’m required to do. Suddenly i felt I was ready, emotionally and mentally for this. I know I have to do this. This is the mountain that I am going to ask God to help me to move that morning.

And all i need to do is, is to believe.

I believe I will be fine.

I  believe that God can turn the situation around.

I believe I can do all things in Him who gives me the strength.

I believe in Him.

In the midst of darkness,praise God and proclaim your faith and God’s power, it may not make a difference yet in the phsyical world, but something is changing in the spiritual realm. Enthrone God back into the situation.

I know this time, it is for real.

Again, I can do all things in Him who gives me the strength.

Started talking to a friend again. Really missed talking to him. Good thing he got himself injured, if not i wouldn’t make the first move.

Also, to another friend, i really appreciate the weird friendship that we have, tonight without you realising, you made me appreciate my downfall.

3 Responses to “I believe”

  1. Hi there! Indeed God bless us with friends, without friends around I can’t imagine what will happen.:) No matter what they have done to hurt us, always pray for forgiveness and by the grace of God, we will be able to forgive just like God has forgiven us. God bless you! take care.

  2. hey jiunn li! How r u doin? thanks 4 droppin by and commented on my blog oso..ya wei, agree with gabriel oso..His grace is enough, more than enough..by his grace, things r possible..trust in Him, believe in Him..our BIG God will take care of these things and circumstances we face.

  3. hiiii gabriel and aaron! so nice to see you guys here =)

    yes true, everything is possible with the grace of God and i am really beginning to understand the significance of grace is in our lives. Isn’t that beautiful?? i know aaron would agree with me on this! also, i am reading this book called ‘Pursued by the shepherd’. . .super good! read until i cry ar =(. It was as if God double-confirmed everything that i felt last sunday.

    thanks again for reminding me how good and great our God is =)

    Gabriel, hope to see you in church one of the weekends and aaron, hope to see more photos posted up in your blog ok? =)take care you two!

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