The art of Forgiveness



Is forgiveness an art? Indeed it is and it is way harder than pursing your masters degree or your Phd.

There are many stories we can relate to each other through the experiences we have lived through ourselves or with others. Often times,we forgive because we had to and I even came up with excuses such as,’ I love God therefore I forgive’. hahaha! Jiunnli, not good enough. Try again.

This book I am reading, it is so good. Trying to finish a book in a schedule such as mine is very much close to suicidal. I’ve been wanting to read this book for so long and i am glad i did!

‘Pursued by the Shepherd’ by Karon Phillips Goodman

It is so good that. . . . . .ah, go read it yourself! =P  Gawd, I am bad at book review.

You may heard alot of stories about forgiveness but these stories still do not make forgiving any easier. Its tough to forgive others who hurt us or someone we love because the agony of the event is so real, so deep and so alive. We cannot separate these pain from the person who caused it, so every time we feel hurt from whatever happened,  we see that person’s face and immediately we are filled with hurt.

I see forgiveness as a giant mountain. I see it impossible to move this mountain. In fact, i din even wanna revisit this huge mountain of mine. But like many other things, forgiveness, i now see, is a journey. A journey that requires alot of strength from God and alot of work on my side.  Without God, forgiving is a painful process.

I believe in God’s beautiful timing. I know He is working on what has happened, what remains, and what is going to be for me. He knows, that within our broken heart is the life He planted-the vine that needs light to grow- and He will restore it to us

Its time to forgive but it is so tough =(

10 Responses to “The art of Forgiveness”

  1. Yeap, it’s time to forgive. I like the pic! so nice! God loves us and has already forgiven us, that’s why we are able to forgive. hehe…sure, will be there during weekends if I happen to be in KL. 🙂 if you free, do drop by my blog as well. hehe…take care. God bless.

  2. chengyeelee Says:

    I have to agree with you girl, forgiving is a journey. A journey that seems to long at times, a journey that you hope will finally reach its destiny. I’m walking alongside you, I too, still getting to the destiny. =) Let’s work hard together. Take care! =)

  3. jiunn li, stay strong..guess forgiveness is the grace of God tht work thru us to forgive others..he has forgiven u indeed, therefore, lets forgive others oso..Give it to the Lord & commit to Him 🙂

    On other note, ya, i have update my blog, and got pics oso..go visit when u r free ya

  4. jongshengong Says:

    i know you can do it dear… seek God for opportunities, and dont worry about how to do it k.. when the time comes, you will know it is it

    btw.. time to change my link on ur blog =P

  5. gab: hey, thanks. I never take that pic. It was from flikr =). Will see you around in DUmc then =)

    chengyee: hey girl, gotten your email. I am sick these days. my head is not coherent at the moment but good to hear things are good on your side. Yes, lets work together and i know the destiny is closer than we think =)

    aaron: yes stay strong! over and over again i stumble but i know that this time, i am surrendering everything unto Him. He is working in me =)

    jongsheng: hey dear! yes, i can do it! GOd has already helped me with my first step =)

  6. gal, it’s not easy to forgive but that is wat’s right to do
    unforgiveness only holds u and the other down

  7. speaking of a tour around DUMC… haha. i remember i brought henry n my bro on a tour around DUMC they will never forget. lol

  8. ahhaha what did you do? you pranked them again?

  9. hahahaha… i told them a bunch of fictitious stuff. lyk wad certain rooms n corridors r called. i could give u a tour 2 if u’d like. =P

  10. oh yes please. i would like to go on this tour that you’ve come up with wei! =) this sunday!

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