the keys to my heart

the keys to my heart

the keys to my heart

that few moments before it started pouring. Coke. Christmas and everything about it.My choc cream chip frap in starbucks. The sound of the plane. Italy. Love. Paris. Longchamp. Chocolate  fondue, cupcakes, and doughnuts.Passion fruit with beer and lychee martini.Clean sheets and pillow cases. Beautiful dresses. Shopping. Waking up after lunch and have nothing to do for the rest of the day.Barbie dolls. taking photos whether or not they turn out nice. New York. The smell of my room. green parks and cool weather that comes with it.the after-feeling of examinations. dinner parties. scrapbooking and handmade items. playing the piano. Friends. God. sweet yellow mango. Flying. Topshop. How love surprises you. PS2/3. Live band. Jazz. Black and white photogprahy.watching football with my pillows. Swedish meatballs and daim cake. books and more books. Laughing hard. clean bathrooms. travelling with your loved ones. White wine. Chardonnay. Wooden floors and white marbles. Truth. Airport. Worship. Humility. Down to earth. City lights. being lazy and cozy in front of my plasma. when you make no sense but some get you. Solitude. Wedding. walking under the rain with a transparent umbrella. Music. falling in love. Kisses for no reason. Body massages. Fidelity. Gentleness. Flowers. Forever. Pearl. Authenticity. Australia. the word ,’Dear’. Cupcakes. Chocolate cereal. A pair of good jeans. Blusher.Lazy afternoon map. Tears. Pavilion. Flats. Puppies. The colour pink. Pastries.

2 Responses to “the keys to my heart”

  1. jongshengong Says:

    heyyy.. i am not in the list ! =P

  2. haha ok i go add now =P

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