Tomorrow is going to be a better day

I am tired.

I don’t know why i am became so emo.

Too many conversations i’ve had over the weekend.

Can’t really decipher what its truly best for me.

Memories to me are not a good thing.

There is always so much going on.

Exam stress is building up.

Can’t seem to stay awake whenever i read finance.

Finance is definitely not my thing.

I think i am creative.

Creative enough.

I have alot of good ideas.

Some are brilliant.

Some are just plain lame.

10 months just go by like that.

Time never waited for me.

Dance was good.

I had so much fun leading this weekend.

Its not easy to do something if you werent passionate about it.

Of course, it must be something you are called to do.

Was thinking when to start up my own business.

I have a lot of things in mind.

Thinking about it, excites me.

I hope Liverpool beats man u tonight.

My emo-ness will only get worst if they don’t.

Life’s not always about getting what you want.

because life’s just that.

Don’t take life too seriously.

I shouldn’t be taking myself too seriously even.

I love dinner parties.

I love to dress up for random reasons.

I guess i am just a girl.

Nothing more,nothing less.

I think i have nice hair colour.

Pretty nails.

Love my height.

Relatively good skin.

I love weddings.

I particularly love weddings.

Especially when they have a theme colour.

I like magenta, purple and red.

I am a colour person.

I don’t like black.

I think i will have altogether 6 bridesmaid for my wedding.

I have awesome girl friends.

I made one upset.

and i havent been seeing the other two.

But blessed are the 3 that is with me at the moment.

I cherish them.

I am totally addicted to House.

I am fine with that.

I want to connect with more people.

Realised it takes more than just effort.

Timing is everything.

I love seeing couples holding hands.

I can see it when their love radiates through their action.

Its never easy to meet someone you truly love.

I’ve lost mine.

Its okay.

I finally understood that it is time.





Are you still reading this?

I feel like having snowflakes for dinner.

Had a heavy and satisfying lunch.

I also feel i’ve been pilling up on my weight.

I wish i could take up a dance class.

I need to be more efficient when it comes to my laundry.

Love the smell of my room.

Wish i am in aus sometimes.

Never too late to trust God again.

Love reading good books.

I just finished one.

Need to a get a suit.

So hard to get the perfect one.

Can’t wait for exams to be over.

Can’t wait for camps.

Can’t wait for my internship.

I am on facebook too much.

Its like I am logged on 24 hours.

Need to get a life.

Maybe i should stop now.

yes, i think i should.

6 Responses to “Tomorrow is going to be a better day”

  1. Debbie Loh Says:


  2. haha… oh well, at least one of the wishes over here came true. =P

  3. hey joe! no i dont get it. What one wish?

  4. haha, the wish that liverpool would beat united. hehe

  5. sigh but they did so badly against fulham! and now i heard torres and gerrad have to undergo some groin surgery! it sucks wei =(

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