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I see Red!

Posted in Inspiring, Photos, only., Things that make me happy on November 27, 2009 by jiunnli

Gooood morning! December is approaching and this only means one thing!


I was even more busy after my exams than during. So much to do, but so lil time. Went to Ikea alone lately. Supposed to go with a few friends but ended up, I went alone. Which is fine too. Managed to do what i want to do there.

(and I don’t mean taking these random photos below)

Wore red to match the deco! you'll see. . . .

Lots pf prezzies wrapped and hung on the wall. Decided to get something but din have enough time to make any purchases.

Paper plates with a touch of christmas=)

Big Mug for coffee lovers! speaking of coffee, I feel like a 'Starbucks' day today!wheeeee

. . . and more reds. . .

. . .more random decorations. . .

Spend approximately two hours at Papier to buy materials. No inspiration, thats why took two hours to wait for it to come. I am serious. But it came after that =)

some of the things i ended up buying for a wedding gift. For more photos on this intriguing gift, go to

Then I made my way to Jaya 1 to cut my hair! yesss again! and its much shorter now! but well, it feeeeeels sooooo goooooood to trim off the edges. I think I look better in short? I don’t know.


So many things to look forward to. So many more things in my list of to-dos. I wish I have all the time, to do everything I want to do. I wish the same for you=)

Have a nothing but an amazing weekend =)

I got it!

Posted in Blessings♥ on November 27, 2009 by jiunnli

God closed so many other doors and suddenly flung one big one at me. I knew He would. I was at peace. I understood what it means to wait on Him. It was as easy as 1, 2 and 3 to just leave it in the hands of your Heavenly Father. I wish I could trust Him just as much as I did in every other areas of my life.

I think I have been selective when it comes to trusting God.

Segregated trust.


Not by might, nor by power but by His holy spirit.

More than words could express. Still very much in the mode of appreciation and gratitude.

Please allow me to learn.

The things I need to do (updated)

Posted in Random but yet significant on November 18, 2009 by jiunnli

1. Finalize all the stuff and start making nametags for YLDP.

2. Work on my session with Rachel. Our very first time handling a workshop.

3. Serving 4x next month. Can’t wait for Christmas and Watchnight service.

4. Pray harder for internship openings while waiting for replies.

5. Come up with sponsorship & budget and continue to refine my ideas for UWE Charity Night’s entry passes.

6. HSBC proposal for business plan competition.

7. Report and Presentation for Loreal Brandstorm.

8. A business proposal and registration.

9. Go to Ikea, Sunflower and Papier.

10. Search for inspiration for N’s wedding card.

11. Think of a range of Christmas card designs. Theme colour?

12. Spend more time with God.

13. Finish my finals?

(striking off means done! =)

When our hopes are sorely tested

Posted in Joyless + Melancholy + Depressing + Pathetic, My God, my all on November 16, 2009 by jiunnli

It began to rain. It rained and it rained.

‘Is it going to rain all day?’

I asked myself as I looked outside while thinking of how stupid one can get for doing their laundry on a rainy day. The initial thunders and lightning weren’t going to prevent me from completing my task. Stupidity  has always been intrinsically linked to stubbornness.

Anway, the rain became more insistent and so was my feeling turning as gray as the clouds could get. I look out the window again and a pout decorated my face.

It is official, I am mildly depressed.

I suspect this has got very little to do with my finals which is starting tomorrow.

Church was good last weekend. I always loved stories about Sarah and Abraham and how God has gone out to test their faith. When our hopes are sorely tested as theirs were, would we run the risk of becoming indifferent? I am already beginning to feel like that.

I took some time off to deviate myself from all the examination stress. One could tell I don’t deal with stress all that well. On this rainy day, once again I shamelessly go to God, telling Him how I feel and how things are on my side. Not that He doesn’t know, in fact he knows exactly how I am feeling, even better than myself.

Tired, sad and depressed,  I resigned to my old self. I was determined at some point that I’ll never come out from this vicious cycle. It somehow doesn’t matter anymore if God was to answer my prayer. But to my credit, I really do trust in Him.

I am just not good with this whole ‘timing’ thing. My problem is the constant unwillingness to wait for God. This really frustrates me as each second passes. Am i willing to relinquish my request, removing my will out of the agenda and allow God to work in my life?

“God is always on time!” I gave up as I let out a loud sigh. There is this deep nagging feeling telling me that it was worth every minute of the wait. Why worry about tomorrow when you faith is on solid rock?

Such a foolish and useless endeavour, don’t you think?

“I am thankful for the rain” I mumbled as I smile to myself on the way out of my house, couple of rain drops drizzled in my eyes and got my pretty hair wet. A few raindrops wouldn’t hurt anyone. I was predictably feeling better again.

Drum rollssssss!

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Pride & Joy2

I know this is late. I just never thought of mentioning them here. Anyway, here’s the link to my other blog where I post and write about my creation. Seriously, its nothing amazing but I just thought I wanna share my joy with you.  So actually, nothing is ever too late =)

Let me know what you think =)

That is all I need. Nothing else.

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I was supposed to be on my bed an hour ago. Hooked on Michael W. Smith song ‘Grace’. It really soothes the soul as I do my quiet time. Lately, I realised I have been trying very hard to keep myself busy with things and the people around me. Not exactly a good thing because towards the end of the day, all you wanna do is snuggle up, cry and drown in your own pool of thoughts that leave you even more tired than the day before. They said reflection is good. For me, its a painful process. Reflection to me is like drilling a hole deep down into the root of my aching heart. Its painful. It hurts but its necessary.

I had a very intimate time with God tonight. I had quite a night at Starbucks and I thought I’d learn to quieten myself down before God and develop a peaceful attitude before I hit the bed each time. I tried by first filling my mind with wholesome thoughts and then read the bible. Each night, my desire is to be close to Him and we both know that this doesnt require much conversation. Sometimes there are so many things I wan to say but most of the time, I could not yield a single word. This is when I pray God hears and feels my every heartbeat. . . . . . .

With some soft music playing in the background and the next thing I know, I was worshiping Him right there in my room feeling crappy over certain situations that seems so bleak. I am fully aware of lousy I am as His daughter. So many nights I went to bed bitter and feeling like the world owes me ( how the chinese people would say). I think He is not very proud of my attitude because I sure am not proud of myself.

As I sat here staring at my bed sight lamp, the only source of light at the moment, I came to see how God is my only light. The light to my path. I am tired of my own doings that causes me nothing but trouble. I am tired struggling with Him. I am busy lighting my own path forgetting that God is lighting a super large torchlight at me (ignore the lousy metaphor) and all I need to do is to put out my own, and follow His.

Tonight, all I want is to get lost in the His embrace. That is all I need. Nothing else.

Let me.

I suddenly feel creative

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Happy birthday =)

I would love to show you all the the rest of the photos I took of the card but I can’t. That”s because the recipient hasn’t recieved it yet. Personally, I think its really beautiful. Purple and green. Reminded me so much of Barney actually.

oh, back to market analysis. . . .=(