It is not too late

Massive headache.

Nothing new to me. The pain is so bad that I can hardly close my eyes and go to bed with it. Had to pop two panadols and go online while waiting for the drugs to work. Not that I have trouble sleeping these days but I once had a taste of insomnia and gosh, its torture!

Someone called me evil. Maybe I am. I can be blunt at times. Thats because I wasn’t always careful with the words i use hence causing others to feel that I can be quite quarrelsome. I am straight-forward. Never wanting to beat around the bushes in order to get what I want but ended up causing others to get upset. I am quick to decide. In other words, I may appear to be very domineering hence causing me to feel like a tyrant.

Evil. Blunt. Quarrelsome. Straight-forward. Quick to decide. Domineering.

I know what I want.

I can be quite handful.

I sometimes wish I am somewhat different.

Its a journey.

I need to get going.

I need my milk and oreo.

and maybe House.

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