The things I need to do (updated)

1. Finalize all the stuff and start making nametags for YLDP.

2. Work on my session with Rachel. Our very first time handling a workshop.

3. Serving 4x next month. Can’t wait for Christmas and Watchnight service.

4. Pray harder for internship openings while waiting for replies.

5. Come up with sponsorship & budget and continue to refine my ideas for UWE Charity Night’s entry passes.

6. HSBC proposal for business plan competition.

7. Report and Presentation for Loreal Brandstorm.

8. A business proposal and registration.

9. Go to Ikea, Sunflower and Papier.

10. Search for inspiration for N’s wedding card.

11. Think of a range of Christmas card designs. Theme colour?

12. Spend more time with God.

13. Finish my finals?

(striking off means done! =)

6 Responses to “The things I need to do (updated)”

  1. what workshop are you handling?

  2. Some level 1 workshop. Gonna talk about fundamental things on leadership. Scary but yet at the same time honoured to do it la. Don’t know why i went and agree at the first place. Sigh but i guess its a good challenge la =)

  3. Hey jiunn li!! How are u n the rest of cg members??Send my regards to them 🙂

    also, u relli got so many things to do so many..more than pray that God gives u strength to face and undertake all those listed ones in his timing and strength..gbu

  4. hey hey. joe is doing good. =P where r u now man?

  5. hey the rest are good. Well i can’t exactly say this because i havent been attending Cg for a long time. yess i know =(

    but yeah JOe is good!=)

    I have alot of things to do. But I love to get busy la. Meaning you are using all your resources to achieve or get something done la. But now, nothing is quite accomplished yet. hehehe!

    yeh mann, where are you now?? we are planning to give you and joe a HUMONGOUS farewell party =) Bet you wanna come home right this moment!

  6. Hi! Relli?party cool..formal tie..joking joking..ya, hoping to come back, but wanna see christmas here first..ahaha

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