I see Red!

Gooood morning! December is approaching and this only means one thing!


I was even more busy after my exams than during. So much to do, but so lil time. Went to Ikea alone lately. Supposed to go with a few friends but ended up, I went alone. Which is fine too. Managed to do what i want to do there.

(and I don’t mean taking these random photos below)

Wore red to match the deco! you'll see. . . .

Lots pf prezzies wrapped and hung on the wall. Decided to get something but din have enough time to make any purchases.

Paper plates with a touch of christmas=)

Big Mug for coffee lovers! speaking of coffee, I feel like a 'Starbucks' day today!wheeeee

. . . and more reds. . .

. . .more random decorations. . .

Spend approximately two hours at Papier to buy materials. No inspiration, thats why took two hours to wait for it to come. I am serious. But it came after that =)

some of the things i ended up buying for a wedding gift. For more photos on this intriguing gift, go to http://www.joielorraine.wordpress.com

Then I made my way to Jaya 1 to cut my hair! yesss again! and its much shorter now! but well, it feeeeeels sooooo goooooood to trim off the edges. I think I look better in short? I don’t know.


So many things to look forward to. So many more things in my list of to-dos. I wish I have all the time, to do everything I want to do. I wish the same for you=)

Have a nothing but an amazing weekend =)

8 Responses to “I see Red!”

  1. hair length- BAGUS! =)

  2. ehhehe thanks! =)enjoy yourself in HK!

  3. Wow wow..so red, so merry..preparing for christmas huh..nice cut! have a nice weekend ahead too!

  4. yeah! christmas! let me know how christmas is like in Italy ok!

    and yes thanks! i think i look good in short la. I just have to admit that long doesnt look too great =P

  5. jongshengong Says:

    hahah wow… seems to be getting shorter everytime i see your pic… cant wait to see you.. in 2 weeks ! hahaha

  6. hehehhe! the hair u mean?heheh! can;t wait to see you! and thanks for being here tonight! =)

  7. jongshengong Says:

    hahaha soon !! less than 2 weeks ! =)

  8. So cute~~!! I love that so much =)

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