A glimpse of. . . .

My room and my life is in a mess.

But in a good kind of mess.

Room’s messy because I am working on my christmas project. Plus, my intership has started. So I don’t really have the energy to keep my room clean and tidy. They just have to be functional at the moment till I figured I can’t stand the mess.

Life’s in a mess because I am all over the place. I am getting more confuse by the day. I guess this is the season for me to slow it down and embrace what life has got to offer and most of all, what I can offer to others. I don’t really have a plan or strategy on how things are going to be like in the future. I am just enjoying the little thing in life.

But I trust that God is going to turn this ‘mess’ into something really beautiful.

Will come up with a proper update another time.


Night world =)

2 Responses to “A glimpse of. . . .”

  1. jongshengong Says:

    whoaaa.. and that mess is only a day’s mess ! =) see you real soon

  2. jongshengong Says:

    p/s time to change the link to my blog =)

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