Of brownies and cupcakes. . .

Holiday season. . .tired. . .out of breath. . .

My to do list for this week is preeeety manic.

At work-I am so flustered everything I come home from work. In fact, all I want to do is just retire to my bed and pray for a good night rest. Not that I havent been sleeping, its just that, every morning I wake up to some really intense pain in my back and around my neck area. Must be the pillows. Anyway, work is crazy. I am just doing my internship. I cannot imagine how things are going to be like when I actually step into the working world. I decided I should forgo all my dreams and marry an old fat rich man, stay home and live happily ever after in one of the little suburb in Sydney. . . . .JUST KIDDING! =D

At homeLaundry needs help. Need to stock up on groceries. I wanna eat french toast! A friend just taught me how! Maybe I will try making it under the supervision of my mum when i go back this weekend! YES! I am going home this weekend! Can’t wait to taste that christmas butter cookies my mum has baked ( I think she did). We used to bake together all the time and this has been the tradition since until I left for KL.

My finances– I don’t know where and how I’ve spent my money. All i know is that, I keep spending and spending on things I hardly see. Btw, do you know that I eat alot? I think I spend too much on food! I am getting fatter by the day judging from how uncomfortable I feel when I wear my tight jeans. Well, they are getting really tight right now. I think my other problem is that I cannot resist food.  I need to do some running. Looking at my working hours,  it is even more impossible to exercise.

My closet-Just bought a very stylish casual blazer from Kit Min. Check out her new online webpage here at  3cups of Love. When I come back to KL after christmas, I will probably invest in a very nice grey pants that comes with a grey vest (very much inspired by Angela) and a black skirt =).

In my craft world-to be honest, I havent actually started doing my christmas cards. I am too tired to even lift up a scissors. I need to be inspired. This is bad. Anyway, as much as I am ‘wasted’, I will come up with some thing for your viewing pleasure. Its probably easier than I think. Perhaps I just have to make the first cut but do check out my other website, Joielorraine, from time to time =). Oh yeah, my brother just made my day when he told me how much he likes my new website!

my friends- I finally met a very close friend of mine who came back to do his internship in PWC. We’ve been friends for ages (last 7-8years) but this is the first time that we actually spend time together. Thank for you the cupcakes and the brownies and also the early christmas present. I like it.

Last sunday, I came to realised that God has really big plans for me as He places  different people in my life  for the past few months. It is truly a blessing seeing how God works through the care  and love my friends have displayed. I realised, indeed, this is something to be so thankful for. It is your friendship that makes life even more beautiful. You guys have made loads of differences in my life from the very start. Lets have more lunch and dinner appointments. I’ve always enjoyed making making lunch or dinner plans.

My walk with God- Working takes up so much of my time and energy that I spend so little time with God and the bible. Will work on the momentum.

Looking back at these 12 months, this year was and is very special to me because where I’ve found my first love in God again. Lots of heartaches but it is all worth it. Lots of pain, but without its existence, I will never come to know God’s joy and peace.

So many times I failed as His daughter, but His love is so amazing and so impossible to grasp that I sometimes cannot believe that I have a God who loves me THISSSSS MUCH! *expanding both my hands way from each other in the air*

In my ministry-Had an awesome time worshiping God last weekend togther with the worship team. Love that song that I was assigned to choreograph, ‘Glorious One’. Its such a powerful song that I sometime think that it is quite an honor to take up the task of choreographing this song. Oh btw, did i mention that this song is one of the 7 songs that have been written by our very own people in DUMC. Isn’t that amazing? and we are going to launch our new album on our 30th Anniversary this 31st Decemeber during watchnight to acknowledge how God has been faithful to His church and His people. Thank YOU for everything =)

In all your ways (in every single area of your life), acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

Proverbs 3;5-6

Happy tuesday!

Merry Christmas! thanks OJ and Lisa. (Its not just the packaging that is classy 😉

2 Responses to “Of brownies and cupcakes. . .”

  1. jongshengong Says:

    haha let me know if you succeed in doing the french toast =)

  2. haha I will go back home and try it on sat! =)

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