6 more weeks to go! =(

OK!  Quick! A short update. Nobody’s back from lunch yet.

Hows my internship, many of you would ask.

1. Blisters, lots of them due to my new black heels. Now i am wearing flats.WITH A SKIRT?!!! =(

2. Lots of friends. But abit intimidated la in a way because most of them are graduating from a string of prestigious universities in Aus (da interns i mean). Thank God for this new friend I made in my department. His name is T T. He is going to be an aerospace engineer. Currently studying in University of New South Wales.

3. Great people who really know what they are doing.

4.Not so great people who also know what they are doing.

5. Backache. Had to stare at the computer all day long. I am doing pretty technical stuff.

6. Dry eyes. Again, too much of staring into the computer screen.

7. A lot of driving. But good thing the distance is bearable.

8. Thinking of what to wear each morning is very frustrating.

9. Coming home (each time) feeling like you never slept for days. I even slept in the middle of talking to Raf.

10. and finally, the feeling of contentment and knowing that good experiences are not necessarily easy to earn. So is money.

Accenture’s Headquarters in KLCC;

Accenture Headquarters in KLCC

The main entrance

66th floor

I got really bored.

. . .and took a picture of myself!

In Menara TM?our clients place.

the office

Lots of chocolate to eat. . .

A sad looking lil christmas tree on the other end of the office

My friend TT and the other girl,my senior Yuen Kit (super smart ppl)

cannot resist taking a photo of us. Notice he is abit shy! =D

The interns meet for lunch. Thats Ben at the end.

Anisha, left Accenture after a week. First case in the whole history of Accenture's Interns Employment.

the best part? driving home each day =)

Work is crazy, no doubt, but I like being where i am right now. Can’t wait to go home tomorrow!

Happy holidays!=)

3 Responses to “6 more weeks to go! =(”

  1. Hey! Great, u r doing ur intern d..so nice, at accenture and KLCC somemore..now I kena moved to KL sentral d..lol

    Hope u r doing fine and enjoy ur intern thr!

  2. hehhe! i only did my first-day briefing in KLCC (plus collecting our laptops). Then we were sent to our project site adi, which is menara TM! =)

    Eh you are sent to sentral? Not going back to KLCC? eh you back adi right!!! when will we see you? this friday?? =)

  3. Oh i see..okie, thats good working with Accenture also..

    Ya, moved to sentral d, office no longer in KLCC. Yeap, back d to malaysia..haha.will b in kl till 8th january..but this weekend heading home in ipoh..

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