No New Year Resolution.

Leaving behind what should be left behind.

Its the 4th day into the start of a new decade. Nothing much has changed but I know my heart did from these couple of tumultuous months. Stronger I have been, tougher I have gotten, more sensible I hope to become. I may not yet be the women God has intended me to be but I hope I am on the right track.

God places and removes things in our lives. This is how my 2009 has been. Its a blessing that He gives, but consider it a double blessing when He takes away. Our God is an awesome God and because we cannot fathom His ways, bear in mind that His intentions for us are always good and He always has our best interest in mind.

I have no new year resolution, but I only have one prayer, that God help me to be a better person, a better women, than I am today.

My 2009 may not have started well but I know I ended it well four days ago.

Thank You for Your grace.

May you fill your 2010 with lots of love, joy and hope as you begin your whole new journey together with God.

Much love,


5 Responses to “No New Year Resolution.”

  1. I am sure we’ll have a greater year ahead! Hang in there, sis. We will soar like eagles with the Lord! =) Can’t wait to talk to you again. Your prayer (the resolution for 2010) is superb! =)

  2. thanks sis! Lets talk, maybe this weekend? Weekdays I am always too caught up with work then i ended up either sleeping really early or doing other stuff that needed to be done =( MSN DOWN =(. I will make sure its going to be okay this weekend =)

  3. and yes, i pray the same prayer for you too =)

  4. chianming Says:

    well said!=)

  5. that sounds like plan, sis! Can’t wait to talk to you again. Take care of yourself ya. Missing you! =)

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