It is well with my soul.

I wanted to ask God so many things. There may not be an answer to all my questions and albeit, there were times where things are obvious, it took me awhile to come to the same conclusion. For someone who has good navigation skill, I kinda suck, working with God,  on deciding in my life’s direction.

And then I come across a photo. I realized a photo is all you need to bring back a flood of memories and the overwhelming feelings of yesteryears. I took a good look again at the picture, going back to the time we took it. I’ve seen how I’ve grown. I’ve seen how things have changed. My smile was different. I looked different. I was  quickly reminded also of the good times and the bad. And I’ve come to accept, that girl was me. No matter how hard I try, I cannot change what has been done.

This is when I ask myself. . .this is painful but is it well with my soul?

and the answer, yes, indeed it is. . . if nothing else, knowing it is all in my God’s control.

3 Responses to “It is well with my soul.”

  1. Jin-Jin Says:

    Is everything ok with you? It’s been a while since you last wrote…

  2. hey jin jin! nice to hear from you again =)

    Nah, i have been really busy. Would love to write but never had the time to just sit down and rant =).

    DO you have facebook? Maybe we can talk there or something? =)

  3. Jin-Jin Says:

    Sorry, no Facebook!! Choose to be different. Also have spent too much time and effort on Friendster to move on. Maybe later, one day!! 😛

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