Not just another trip

A few of my favourite out of the thousands. Thank you Lord for this wonderful trip.

Melb Day 1; Tea time at Max Brenner. I had their strawberries dip.Awesome stuff they have there =)

Breakfast at the famous Mart 130. Awesome place. Daryl took this photo.Would be even more perfect if he is in it.

Marketing at Victoria Market. Love the black and white blurred shot. If we have this sort of market in Mas, it would very much help me be a better cook =P

Tired. Taking a break on some stairs infront of a nice building. Awesome shot. It feels as if we were in Rome =)

On the streets of Melbourne, with Ben and Ming, they were in Accenture with me =)

Awesome dinner at home where Daryl made fabulous curry chicken, alston--> seafood tomyam&veggie&some sweet sour meatball and finally chee-->steamfish. Look at those sitiawan faces!

Orange Winter. Back to the streets in Sydney. Glad when i came, then rain has all gone and the sky is back being to being blue =)

With the girls on the street. Weather was just alright. Waiting for the free buses that go to Circular Quay.

And here I am, in sydney, with my family. This is definitely not just another trip. I am truly blessed.

The harbour bridge and I

my dearest tink and sze ching! miss you guys!

My sis, bro in law and their pride and joy at The Entrance. Some family place where we can feed the pelicans.

Beautiful sunday morning in the suburbs. On the way to church. Worshiped at Dayspring that weekend.

More photos to come. Enjoy as i update this post from time to time =)

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