Weddings; Not because, but just because.

I am in the midst of doing my assignment when I re-read my cousin’s comment on me being a wedding-lover. I paused. You know how some issues or subjects, you raise and address them because they rise to the top of your thinking and you cannot resist that deep compulsion in your heart about them. Initially I see that she had quite a sharp observation but now i find the need to explain myself.

Feeling totally justified at the moment, I have to admit I really do love weddings.

Music filled the air, the chapel was drowned with beautiful sweet smelling flowers of all kinds, guests and family members rose as the bride walked in with her magnificent white gown, some looking overly expensive for their tiny budget. She took little steps accompanied by the sound of any musical instruments towards her husband to be. Each steps brought her closer to the biggest decision she ever made in her life and sometimes I wonder if the veil was there for a reason, probably to cover the her face if she contemplates if she should finish her journey up the aisle.  Jokes aside, at this point of time, this is when I think wedding is most beautiful and meaningful to me. No kidding. It was then I asked myself what is it meant to be a man and wife, what does it mean to love and honor each other, how did they meet, when did they decide to get married, how was their proposal like and finally, does the wedding  truly reflect much they love each other? What if this is just a scam?Certainly there must be a loophole. They must have  loved each other, well. . .  .enough to even make such crazy decision!!

But have you really thought  of what it all really meant beneath the exterior symbolism and the ritual and what about the vows? Don’t they mean anything to you?

It is the solemnity of the occasion that I took comfort in, their utmost happiness that I count on and the couple’s promising future and a whole new life together is what I hope they look forward to the moment they walk out of the church.  I was once convinced that weddings are very much like a show but until you come to know and understand what wedding truly meant to God, one would see wedding in a very different light because often time they forget that wedding it is a gift, it is a blessing.

Quoted from ‘I, Isaac, take thee Rebekah’; That we may find our hearts enthralled by the truths we uncover and our minds stirred to think of this union in God’s way and not ours. Showing us what goes behind the scenes in the making of a beautiful relationship, and some of the most important decisions before we utter those words of commitment to someone else.

Weddings; If this was all a veneer or is this one of God’s greatest agenda.

Love may not necessarily be all it takes =)

Goodnight =)

5 Responses to “Weddings; Not because, but just because.”

  1. Sarah Cheong Says:

    I truly agree that wedding is one of the most beautiful event in our life time and the happiest too.. of course it is God’s love in the midst of everything that is beyond description..

  2. Cheng Yee Says:

    couldn’t agree more sis. Finally see some updates from your blog. I would want to get married too. No doubt about that! 😉

  3. che: totally. I think what is most important is putting God in the centre of every relationship. Although some were not meant to be, but there are so much to learn from them =)

    cheng yee; eh what happened la that day? talk nicely then you disappear. Let me know of any updates ok? Wait, maybe this time i should email u instead. and yes, I want to be there for your wedding! =)

  4. Jiunn Li, I’ll probably have to write you another email. I have things to update and things to request from you! heheh… watch for my email, will you? 😉

    p/s: it would be my honor to have you at my wedding! *hugs*

  5. okay missy! just blast me an email whenever u free because I am on sem break and i am yours! =)

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